I put in NuvaRing on Tuesday and I’ve felt like shit ever since. I only need to deal with this, this one last time then I’ll have my procedures and not have to deal with any of this anymore.

The fears and the PTSD I feel each day I throw up from my days of having Hyperemesis is ridiculous. Every time I eat, I feel like I need to puke. If I don’t eat, I don’t feel sick. That tells me, along with everything else, that I’m not pregnant. I have had a form of birth control since the beginning. I have put it in and taken it out religiously. I’m not pregnant but my god, I am so fearful that with these symptoms it scares me to ever have to deal with that again. That’s why I’m counting down the days until I have my tubes tied.  I don’t think I’m pregnant. I’m simply scared every time I puke, of the what-if I was. I couldn’t do that again.

I think I’ll be better in a few days. It took approximately 8-9 days before I started feeling better last time I put in NuvaRing. So it’s just a matter of getting better.

That’s all I wanted. I really am distracted right now. I’ll write more tomorrow.

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