So, I’ve been doing these Project Life scrapbook pages with the Android app. Every week, per the rules of the Project 52 challenge, I have been scrapbooking one page for every week. I normally do this on Saturday morning when we are at basketball. Yes, that means we don’t include Saturday night in our weekly page but typically nothing really happens on Saturday night. I hang out with the kids, Mike goes to his friend’s, sometimes we order pizza, ya know, same ol’, same ol’. This week is different though because we’re actually going out and doing something as a family on Saturday night (tonight). We have an Admirals hockey game to go to tonight. Woo hoo! Nick is excited but he’s really worried because he gets as anxious as I do about the puck. We should have a good time regardless.

Anyways, without further adieu, I have my weekly recap and some pictures (not in P.L scrapbook form). I only have a little while to write. Mike’s in the shower, we have to get Mikhail dressed for basketball, then we have to head out the door.


Monday all I took a picture of was my lunch. I had diced chicken, a cheese stick, some Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips, and a fruit cup. I wanted to take a photo of what my lunch box looked liked because I am a dork.

The nice thing about it is that it fits all those containers in there very nicely. The unfortunate thing about it is that when putting my lunch box into my messenger bag, I have enough room to place my wallet standing upright, and my water bottle, THAT’S IT! I do have a backpack that will hold that lunch bag perfectly on the bottom and has room for all the rest of my stuff on top. The question I have is, do I carry a backpack, that holds my lunch, along with all my coloring stuff, along WITH a purse!? That seems like overkill to me, but it may be what is necessary for me to do when going to work every single day and needed something to do. Guess we’ll have to figure that out when the time comes.

I also finished coloring my page for the monthly challenge. I did Jane from Tarzan. I am going to be FAR from winning this but I put forth my best effort and tried hard. Here is the completed page. I had some work in progress pages to post but decided against that.


I only have a couple of pictures to show you from Tuesday. First is what I’ve been eating for breakfast every morning:

They are delicious! I plan on buying every single flavor next time I go to the store. They’re quick and easy enough throw in my bag with no effort. They only take a few moments to eat on my break, leaving me enough time to browse Facebook while I eat. They keep me full and satisfied enough to make it to lunch. Perfect! (I’m a total dork for posting what I eat for breakfast, but I took a photo of it and that photo would have gone to waste had I not posted it here.) 

Next, I’m going to show you a picture of what I look at all day long at work.

Maps. I stare at maps all day at work. Not your average call center, eh? We work with maps on every single call and locate, including the web locates, and such. Guess you probably didn’t realize that instead of just taking calls in a call center, I had to work with maps so closely.

My final picture from Tuesday is of Mountain Dew:

I took this picture because A.) I was falling asleep in class and I wanted to show that I bought myself some soda – something I said I wouldn’t do – in a desperate measure. B.) Because I couldn’t remember for the life of me why I told myself to stop drinking Code Red Mountain Dew and once I finally figured it out I was mad at myself. I forgot it had brominated vegetable oil in it. Uhm, ew. Now, Mountain Dew is my all time, hands down, favorite soda in existence. However, I don’t know how I feel about drinking vegetable oil. With that being said, I do enjoy fried foods and consume some form of oil while eating those delicious morsels too so I don’t know what I’m up in arms about. I did my research on brominated vegetable oil and found out it’s linked to some pretty bad stuff. There goes drinking Moutain Dew.


I wore my hair ‘down’ on Wednesday. Not down as in not in a ponytail but down as in I didn’t have it up completely in a messy bun. I took a selfie before work:

My hair is getting long again. If I knew how to properly do ANYTHING with it and it’s curls I would, but sadly I do not. As you can see I was super tired in this photo and I didn’t want to wake up to go to work. Had nothing to do with not wanting to go to work itself, but I simply didn’t want to wake up.

I also got an awesome shot of the cat. My Instagram edit of this photo is way better than the original but you can get the drift.


Not a lot of stuff was done on Thursday. I went to work. I came home from work. I did my daily routines (all thirty of them) and I went to bed. I did take two photographs that day, though. The first one shows all the stuff we have to log into each morning. All nine items are required to be logged into before taking a call.

Literally, nine different passwords I’m going to be required to remember for each day. 

Once I was home, Gizmo wouldn’t leave my side. He’s been awfully cuddly the past few weeks. I don’t know if it’s because he’s not used to being home alone all day but once I’m home from work he’s nothing but snuggles. He couldn’t get close enough to me this day.


Friday was a pretty OK day. I didn’t write this day on my previous post because I thought it would be a good idea to write about the week on Thursday, not including what happened on Friday. I’m also doing it again today, Saturday, to not include tonight.

Work was interesting. I ended up sitting with a core CCR and listening to a few of his calls. He explained what we all needed to punch into and the new IMing system that was introduced. I then went and sat with a couple of the trainees on the floor and was asked for my opinion from the trainer on how I thought people were doing. This shocked me. He actually wanted *my* opinion on the progress of someone in my own class? Is my opinion of that high of value to them?! I was very impressed with myself.

After work, I relaxed as much as possible until the boys arrived at home. I fed them dinner and we got ready for movie night at the elementary school. We were going to see Trolls. Nick decided he was above that and too old to sit in a gym with a bunch of elementary students and decided to stay home.

Mikhail, Mike, and I went and enjoyed ourselves. Mikhail got a piece of pizza, a glow stick, a soda, and a Kit Kat bar. He ended up getting what I can describe only as the ‘light-up, flashy, strobe-like, give you a seizure’ dinosaur necklace too. He enjoyed the movie and we came home. Mike ended up going to his friend’s house for a while to unwind and me the kids went to bed. Here are the photos that I took of movie night:


Today we had basketball. After sleeping into 7 am and getting a full 9.5 hours of sleep in me, I felt great! Mikhail actually got the ball a few times and even made a few shots at the basket. Normally, he doesn’t get much of play time because of the ball hogs.

Tonight we are going to an Admirals hockey game. That should be fun. I have to bake up a few frozen pizzas and then we are eating and leaving right away.

So that was my week. I know I didn’t go into detail what I all did this week because I did that in the previous post found here but I wanted to share with you all the random photos I took this week. So, there ya have it.

What was your favorite part of this week?

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  1. Kya says:

    Project 52 sounds like a really good challenge. Plus, it will be great to reflect on them at the end! :D

    That is such a nice lunchbox. It would be great to be able to fit all the containers in. However, not having enough room in your messenger bag would be a problem. Could you try getting a bigger one?

    The colouring page looks really nice. I like the use of different tones plus the shading! :D

    Wow, working with maps all the time would be a challenge. >.<

    I stopped drinking soda a year again. It was mainly because of the sugar, but some of them have some rather icky ingredients.

    Love the pictures of the kids. Looks like a fun time. :D

    My favourite part of this week was finally finishing my assessments and being on holiday. :D

  2. This project sounds very interesting. It’s nice to gather photos and memories and look at them once in a while. I hope you enjoyed doing that.

    I don’t think we have a red mountain dew here in Romania. It’s weird. I will look after it in shops next time. I really wish I could try it <3

    Take care <3

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