Although the week is not through, I thought I’d come and write my weekly recap anyway. I promise to not only talk about work.

The week started off right. I was starting my own shift this week. I was worried how having to stay until 4 pm would affect me compared to getting out at 1:30 like the previous weeks. The day went well, up until after lunch. I screwed up a ticket and overall had a bad day after that. I wrote about that day at Tuesday and Wednesday I was sick with whatever the boys were carrying. I ended up calling in on Wednesday, call it nerves or just plain being sick, I wasn’t feeling well so I called in. I felt terrible about it afterward but spent the entire day resting. Thursday and Friday were filled with nerves but once I was at work, taking calls, and doing my off-the-call work I was happy. Overall, looking back, I’d say it was a pretty successful first week on the floor, by myself, on my own shift.

While at work, I colored…

While I was on the floor during calls, I spent a lot of time off the phone. I typically took 1-2 calls per hour. That made for a lot of time off the phone. During that time, I planned in my planner and filled up my to-do list, and so many more lists that I wanted to accomplish. I filled out an entire section on DISNEY for when we take our vacation in October. I also managed to read two full books. Yup, I read two shorter stories, a series, in two days. That’s a lot of reading. Also, while I was idle, I colored. I managed to color four pages from my Hannah Lynn books. I pulled out about ten pages that I thought I’d like to color while I was at work and just brought those, a 100 pack of Crayola color pencils, one black fountain pen, one white gel pen, a blender pencil, and a sharpener. Here are the works of art I completed:

Obviously, I’m not going to be able to color and stuff like that all summer long so I’m enjoying it while I can. I’m pretty proud of each page for its own reason. The last one – Shannon – I spent over four hours on.

Spirit Week

So, I really failed as a Mom this week. It was Dr. Seuss Spirit Week this week at Mikhail’s school. I managed to only get some pictures. The outline looked like this:

Monday – Crazy Hair Day
Tuesday – Show your color spirit day (2nd grade – orange)
Wednesday – Mixed Match Day
Thursday – Wear your comfiest clothes Day
Friday – “Oh, the places you will go” Day – Wear your favorite college/sports attire 

While we participated in each day, I only got pictures of ONE of Mikhail’s days; that day being crazy hair day. We dyed his hair red. Hell, six days later his scalp is still dyed red. Here are the photos I got from Monday:

Along with Spirit Week, we had the school dance…

Friday was the big dance. We attended last year and Mikhail loved it so we decided to go forward and go again this year. There is usually a raffle for the kids, silent auction for the adults, lots of food and drinks, loud music, and kids running around without parent supervision EVERYWHERE!

This year Mikhail’s grandma and grandpa attended with us. We got his name in the drawing for the raffle for a Nerf gun. Lynn bought raffle tickets, too. He ended up putting in for a Helium (trampoline park) and Nerf gun prizes. Mike and I checked out the silent auction and ended up bidding on a Technology Party for Mikhail’s class. I thought that would be cool – he wins that and he will be the hit of the class getting his entire room a technology party. (Technology party is just a ‘party’ where they borrow iPads from the library and play on iPads for an hour or so.) But Mikhail would have been the one to have won it for his entire class. So we bid on that. We also bid twice on Admirals tickets. Lynn and George bid on a Quaker Steak and Lube and Stonefire gift cards.

We walked around. Watched Mikhail have a blast with his friends. He even danced a little while.

** Notice how I haven’t mentioned Nick at all in this entry. It is not because I think less of him or he’s less than a part of the family. It’s because he’s going through those teenage years where he wants nothing to do with the family. He didn’t attend the dance. He wanted to stay home and spend time on the Xbox instead. So it’s not that we think anything less of him, he simply does not want to part take in any of the family activities that we have done lately. **

The first silent auction ended and Lynn won hers. The second silent auction ended and I won the 2nd-grade Technology party. YES! We ended up losing the Admirals tickets but we weren’t on top of it as we usually are. Oh well. Mikhail ended up winning a prize basket from the raffle, too! He won 2 large lollipops, a $30 Helium gift card, and some weird stand thing for your phone. Here are the pictures we took of the dance:

Well, this entry is coming to an end. Mikhail is throwing a massive fit because 1. he doesn’t want to go to basketball 2. he wants to go to his friend’s house at 8 am 3. he wants to go to Helium 4. he wants to throw a fit because we keep telling him no he’s not going anywhere. It’s a mess. So, I’ll talk to you all soon.

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  1. Sheri says:

    Oh Nik, you are so not a failure at momming. Perspective, my dear, you need to look at these things with perspective. It sounds to me like you’re doing a great mom-job with typical mom-type hurdles that you are leaping over with stumbles at times, but not always. I’m glad things are smoothing out at work, I hope it stays that way.

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