Well, everyone, the week has come and gone. I survived Customer Service Week. I think it’s so funny I say it that away. I survived Customer Service Week, as though it’s the hardest week of the entire season or something. HA! It’s just the opposite. In fact, it’s supposed to be the most laid back, chill week we have. Alas, the work did not stop just because it was CSW. Oh no, we were busy; the calls kept coming in, the webs kept coming in, things did not slow down at all. I think I processed well within 300-500 tickets total this week in the four days I was there. Typically I average, I don’t know, about 200-300 tickets per week. So, either we were significantly busier this week with people getting in their last minute projects in before the first freeze (honestly, this was the majority of the calls), or it was last minute projects that were being started by the villages, townships, and cities. Everyone was having their fun and games, doing puzzles, working on the Who’s Who? page, and overall just goofing off. I processed a significant amount of tickets and I know for a fact, I processed exactly 125 web tickets. That is more web tickets that I’ve ever processed in a single week! I really wonder where I’ll rank next week for the “Top 10 Web Producers” for this week – we find out on Monday. I am hoping to be in the top 10 at least. Normally, I just get a participation recognization saying “Top Producer under 40 hours is Nik…” I usually don’t hit the top 10. So, we’ll see.

DHL Customer Service hallway during customer service week

I took a picture, I would like to share it with you.

If you follow me on Social Media like Instagram and Facebook, you’ve already seen this photo. I actually really like how I turned out. Yes, it’s a Snapchat filter and I doctored it up a little further in Instagram. Either way, I’m smiling a full smile and I don’t cringe looking at it. So, I thought I’d share it with you.

All photos from previous entries are currently disabled…

Due to the hacking and having to delete all of EA and reinstall everything fresh, any image that I had previously included in my entries are not included.  I am going to decide if I want to slowly add them or just write a disclaimer on the top of the header saying basically that – all previous entries prior to October 2017 will not show photos. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Brilliant Idea – Written here first so you saw it here, not elsewhere…

So, I decided of a brilliant idea. It involves coloring, Hannah Lynn pictures, and brown paper bag paper like this:

brown paper bag paper for coloring

I have purchased four (4) Hannah Lynn books in PDF format. I own every single of her books now. She has, uhm, seven now? I own four in book format, and three in PDF format, and one in both formats.

I haven’t purchased ANY coloring stuff in a really long time. The last thing I purchased was my glitter gel pen on August 13th. That wasn’t as long ago as I had thought, but still, it’s almost the middle of October and I haven’t purchased anything in a while. Before those gel pens, I hadn’t purchased anything since March, that was a sharpener and some blender pens, and nothing big since Jan. 2017 which was my markers. Overall, I think I’ve done a spectacular time not purchasing hobby supplies. In the past year, I’ve probably spent maybe $100 on coloring supplies. The coloring is my only hobby so it’s not like I’m spreading myself over multiple hobbies spending money all over the place. I think $100 on a single hobby throughout an entire year is magnificent, not to mention all the bipolar manic episodes I had and still didn’t go hog wild on spending money. With that being said, I am manic, slightly, and some of my purchases yesterday were slightly manic induced.

I ended up purchasing the latest Hannah Lynn book.

Photo credit to Hannah Lynn for her beautiful cover for the Tattoo Darlings book. 

If you click the image above it will take you right to the purchasing page for the PDF version of the book on Hannah Lynn’s Etsy shop.

… *sigh* Ok, it’s CLEANING TIME according to Mike, so I have to get off. I’ll either come back and finish up this entry or you will never know my big secret until it happens and then you find out that way.  Talk to you all again very soon.

Back to a CLEAN living room. I went through every single table – FINALLY – and got rid of everything we didn’t need or that didn’t belong in the living room. Including but not limited to, marbles, Pokemon cards, Skylanders cards, tons of books, little matchbox cars, and so much more. I got rid of all the extra clutter that I had down here and put it all upstairs too.

Back to my project… I plan on taking that paper ^ that you see above and printing my favorite pages from my four books that I have in PDF format and color on that paper. I figure I can color some awesome white parts that will brilliantly POP on the brown paper. I’m super excited and I really hope that it turns out exactly how I plan for it to.

I ended up buying the two coloring books (the new one and the first one I ever got in PDF format), that paper above ^, and some new printer ink so I don’t have to worry about printer ink disappearing to print the color book pages AND my planner pages.

So, ta-da, that’s my project. I really hope it turns out amazing. I am hoping to start a new trend in the coloring world. No one does this. I want to be the first. I want to start this new trend for everyone to be like “OMG where did you get that paper!? I want to color like that too!” We’ll see if that happens. LOL.

Ok, we’re going to a bonfire tonight and I need to get ready. Talk to you all later.

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