So, it’s Thursday and I’m on week two of my training. Things are going extremely well. I’ve asked lots of questions that I felt was necessary when things need to be reiterated to the fellow trainees. I’ve even stumped the trainer a few times or had him have to check his answers because I brought up a point that needed to be addressed further or needed more clarification.

I won’t do what I did last week and tell you what we did each day at training. We’re basically learning mapping, other ticket types, and other policies that we probably won’t get very often but we still need to know that information.

I’m being paid my first paycheck tomorrow. It’s only half a paycheck because I’m only being paid for one week. What I’m making in that one week at my new job is more than I EVER made in two weeks at my old job. This brings great excitement to me. I would really like to buy something special for myself as a token of hey, you made it this far. You’ve accomplished so much in the past six months. This is exactly what you worked so hard towards and you finally have it. But I don’t know what to buy for myself! LOL, I honestly have everything I could ask for and then some. I’m pretty happy with everything but I’d still like to have something to show for my hard work. I guess I’ll have to think about what it is I want. Maybe I’ll check out my Wishlist page and figure it out from there. *shrugs* I’ll figure it out… otherwise, that money is going to hit my bank account and I’m literally going to waste the money on miscellaneous shit for around the house like laundry soap or something stupid like that. Maybe I’ll throw the money into savings and put away for a rainy day. LOL, nope. That wouldn’t work either. Either way, if I don’t spend a substantial amount on something specific it will go towards household items or food. I really don’t want to do that though so I need to find something specific to use it for. Then again, what do you buy for the girl who has everything?

That’s all I really wanted. I just wanted to boast about my great week that I’m having at DHL. OH! I totally forgot to tell you all. They want to put me on the floor, taking live calls, as soon as next Thursday! Two whole days before everyone else in the class. I am nervous but excited all at the same time. Wish me luck!


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