It has been over a week since I’ve updated last. My apologies. I’d say things have been busy but they have and have not. Here’s what has happened.

Nick’s “Illness”

As I previously wrote, Nick was having chest pain. We took him to the ER and got them checked out and the doctor at the ER said that they were Precordial Catch Syndrome, told us to take Tylenol, and sent us on our way. Well, Nick continued to have chest pain and each it intensified in severity and intensity. It also started happening more often. It went from happening once a week up to two to three times a day. He called me on Monday and told me he was once again having chest pain. I got irritated because there was nothing we really could do for it and here he was missing school. I told him I’d be there in a few minutes to give him tylenol. The school nurse attempted to be helpful but at that point I was just annoyed. I gave him the Tylenol and she proceeded to tell me how she was concerned because this was happening so often. I got more irritated and told Nick, “C’mon. We will take you to the doctor.” So I called the doctor’s office and asked them if I should take him in there or to the hospital, all the while I was getting Nick’s coat and backpack. I attempted to sign him out while being on the phone but the nurse came on so I went in to the hallway. Then the secretary was like, “Oh. I didn’t know if he needed to be laying down or something.” NO! HE’S FINE! UGH!

I got Nick in to the car and got an appointment with his doctor on Tuesday. So that meant he would be missing school then too. Gah! Whatever! We took him home and he was FINE. *grumble, grumble* He ended up sleeping from 10:30 to 3:30 pm. I don’t know if it was from the chest pain or what, but he slept all day.

Tuesday came and I told him to stay in bed most of the day. Did he listen to me? Absolutely not. He was every where but bet. We finally went to his doctors appointment around 1:30 and talked to him. The doctor basically said there were four causes of chest pain: heart related, lung related, muscular related, and gastric related. He had an EKG done at the ER and the doctor ruled out heart right away. He sounded clear, wasn’t wheezing, or having trouble breathing so we ruled out lung. There was no particular spot he could poke and go OH! OW! RIGHT THERE! That’s where the pain is! So he didn’t believe it was muscular. That left gastric. He put him on Prilosec and told him to take it every single day and see if that helps.

Well, this is great and all, but Nick is under the impression he is going to be overdosed. I don’t know where he got this ridiculous notion but it’s just that – ridiculous. He thinks that taking 4 pills, prescribed by his doctor, will cause him to overdose. So, he’s been skipping doses of his Prilosec. Now he’s having chest pains again and he wonders why. Smh

Missed School

Nick missed almost the entire week of school last week. He came home early on Monday for chest pains. He stayed home on Tuesday because of his two doctors appointments (doctor and therapy). He also came home early on Wednesday because the nurse said he had a fever of 99.5° and needed to go home. So he was home all week.

Wednesday I had to pick him up after arguing with him about a birthday party he was invited to. I told him he couldn’t go because we couldn’t afford to get the kid anything. I told Nick to tell the kid we had previous plans and Nick FLIPPED shit about “I can’t lie to my best friend!” He was upset because I told him to tell his friend he couldn’t make it because we already had plans. I finally said FINE WHATEVER and called up his friend’s mom and RSVP’d. Honestly, not even three minutes after I got off the phone with her, he called to be picked up from school. I personally think he shouldn’t go to the party at all because he missed this entire week of school but there are some people in my life that feel he should be going to EVERY event and gathering with friends there is. So here we are…

I ended up getting the kid a card. It’s something right. Now, Lynn messaged me this morning asking if she should pick up a Gamestop gift card and get that for the kid. Nick isn’t even sure he has a gaming system! Whatever. Do whatever you want. You’re gonna anyway.


I get so wound up and upset. It’s just irritating all around.


We had a good Thanksgiving on Saturday. We ate lots of delicious food that Lynn prepared. We hung out next door practically the entire day.

Thursday, on actual Thanksgiving, we did nothing at all. I worked on my new website (more on that below) and the boys just hung out all day. We barely ate a meal let alone an banquet of food. It was a F.F.Y.S Day which stands for fend for your self. It’s when you eat whatever is in the house and I don’t have to cook. Leftovers are eaten and I don’t have to slave away in the kitchen. It’s a WIN/WIN!

Frugal Heart

I finally did it. I bought a new domain. I wanted a site that I could adsense on. I wanted a site to share all my helpful tips on saving and earning money. I wanted to show ways I contribute to my family while being a stay at home mom. I could have done all of this on Pixel Hollow but I wanted a new brand. I wanted something new and edgy and … branded. I wanted a new name and something that was easy to remember. I came up with,, and was available. I took it! I started working on the website on Wednesday night and worked on it all the way through Thursday night. It’s still a work in progress with the theme and everything but I’m pretty proud of it. It’s very professional and clean looking – compared to a lot of my other websites. I wanted to go for a more professional, easy to read feel.

Now all the hard work of coming up with content and such is where I’m going to have fun. That’s where I am going to make or break. I’m going to work really hard on it.


I suppose I’m going to end this here. Mike is home! He was supposed to work until 7 pm tonight but he came home early because he was sent home early today and his manager will be sent home early tomorrow. Score! Talk to you all later.

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