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Today was Valentine’s Day. For the most part of the day, it was a pretty good day.

It started with me sleeping 10.5 hours and waking up at a glorious hour of almost 9 am. I woke up and made myself a pot of coffee. I took my time drinking my coffee with no major melt downs or nonsense. Sometimes when I wake up I am bombarded with thousands of things at once and it really sets my day up to be a disaster. This morning was not that case.

Mike decided to leave a little while later to go shooting at the range. The boys decided to go outside and go sledding for a while. After getting them all wrangled up and outside, I sat down and enjoyed some more of my coffee. It was a very quiet morning.

Mike came home and made some comment along the lines of because I’m done buying you useless shit like cards… when he proceeded to tell me that we would be buying the Ninja kitchen system that I’ve been eyeing up forever. I was super surprised and grateful. I like to be woo’d with sentimental gifts like flowers, cards, and jewelry sometimes but appliances work too. Plus, they’re way more practical and I can use them for years afterward. So, thanks babe! I’ll get more to this later.

Mike decided to go to the mall with the boys and I so we can visit his mom and walk around. He offered to pay for Starbucks (or Gloria Jeans because Starbucks was being renovated) and sent me off to go get some. I got us some drinks and we walked around. Lynn told us she had a 30% off for Kohl’s so if we could find the Ninja system there, she could get it.

We headed to Kohl’s to check it out. Well it turns out the system we were looking at Costco was $169 but really dumbed down in settings and features but had more parts. It was a 18 piece set while the one at Kohl’s was only a 13 piece set. Mike said we’d have to do more research once we were home. Add a little disagreement here, and that sums up our time at the mall.

The next nonsense that happened is we allowed Mikhail to pick what we were going to have for lunch. Mike and I wanted to go somewhere sit down and enjoy the lunch together as a family. Mikhail simply wanted to go to Mc Donald’s or Burger King. We ended up at Burger King and by the time we got there, EVERYONE was crabby.

We came home and Mike went upstairs and immediately started destroying Mikhail’s bedroom. He had a vision that he wanted to accomplish in there and he was on a mission. I stood back and didn’t bother going up there. He gets in to these cleaning kicks and everyone needs to just stand back and stay out of his way because otherwise you’re in the line of fire. He gets crabby as shit and demanding and wants things done exactly how he wants them done. We all know he gets in to these spurts every now and again. Then again, doesn’t everyone? I mean, when you get in to the mood to clean – you want things clean NOW! I can’t say I blame him for getting like this. He is human… just a giant pain in the ass when he gets in to these moods.

Anyway, three hours later he finished up Mikhail’s room WITH Mikhail. He rearranged everything, went through everything, organized and sorted all the toys and clothes were left for me. It looked pretty amazing once he was finished. I was really proud of him and said thank you about four or five times to show my gratitude that he took on the giant task that it was and got it done.

He even got some of Nick’s room done too. He fixed Nick’s closet doors and organized a bunch of stuff too.

While he was upstairs destroying  cleaning the bedrooms, I was downstairs looking up this Ninja kitchen system. I wanted to know the difference between the Costco one and Kohl’s one. It was the motor and entire system. The one from Costco had 3 speeds and nothing fancy just on/off. While the one at Kohl’s had all sorts of different settings and specific things about it. However, the one from Kohl’s did not come with the food processor and food prep features with the slicing and grating blades. I was REALLY looking forward to buying 2lbs bricks of cheese from Costco for $5 and make my own grated cheese for SO much cheaper than in the stores. This was a disappointment. I ended up applying for a Kohl’s charge and GOT IT! I had a low spending limit but hey, I’ll take it!

Original price for the Ninja kitchen system was $299. After coupons, sales, and everything else, I spent $185 out of pocket, plus got $5 rewards cash back, and $30 Kohl’s cash back. So ‘technically’, I got it for $150. HALF OFF! That was less than the one at Costco. I did look up the ability to buy the food processor feature is an add-on for an additional $50 which we can buy at a later time. I don’t NEED it right now. I just simply wanted it for the super cheap grated cheese. LOL Mike offered to pay the bill immediately once it’s available and VIOLA! I got a Ninja kitchen system for Valentine’s Day. It will be here sometime towards the end of this week or the beginning of next week.

Ninja kitchen system from Kohls

Photo courtesy from Amazon.com

So that was my Valentine’s Day. Pretty laid back and yet so productive.

I suppose I better go clean the kitchen before I get too comfortable sitting. I’ll write again very soon. I have more to say but I will end this here.

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