It has been two weeks since I wrote an actual entry. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs since then. Lack of sleep or lack of sanity may have played a factor in both.

School Stuff

So the boys have officially been in school two full weeks. Actually, they’ve had a total of six (five, if you’re Nick) of school. The boys have been doing very well with school. Nick has all the supplies he needs and none of his teachers have updated their calendars indicating there is homework yet. I can imagine they got to be doing something at school but no indication on the homework from the calendars online yet. Mikhail’s teacher has an app called Class Dojo which updates me and the other parents with our student’s progress. Mikhail got 15 positives this past week alone. He got everything from using his correct voice level to turning in his homework(!!!) to working positively. They’re both doing really well so far. They are waking up when they’re supposed to be waking up, going to school without a fight, ENJOYING IT, and coming home with good attitudes too.

The first day of school for Mikhail was rough. He had homework and did NOT want to do it. He fought me for over two hours to finally get it done. Since then it’s been a little easier. Now that he realized you come home, you do your homework, and have a snack before Xbox or tablet, we’re all good. It will all get a little easier. I just have to keep up with what works.


I have to be honest, I always have a hard time writing entries I *have* to write. Like this one, for instance, I was supposed to come here last weekend and tell you about the first days of school. I came today to write this one with the purpose to tell you how school and work have bene going because I’ve had a hard time with both of them. I’m forcing it and now I don’t feel like writing. So I’m going to end this here and be done for now. Hopefully, I get momentum to come back and write some later or tomorrow.

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