It’s been almost a week since I had last wrote. I guess, I thought I’d update you all with what’s been going on in my neck of the woods.

For the most part, it’s been a rollercoaster ride since Tuesday. What I thought was getting better isn’t, or getting worse. What I thought was getting worse, is getting better. It’s been all over the place lately.

My emotions and hormones are ALL out of whack. I have definitely experienced some form of the “Mirena crash”. Here’s a small list of the symptoms I have experienced but not limited to. *GROSS OUT ALERT* Obviously, I’m a female talking about symptoms I’m experiencing after having a seven-year stretch of birth control removed, I’ll be talking about female problems… Be warned. Remind you, I had Mirena removed on the 22nd of March (Tuesday of last week).

  • vomiting approximately once a day since Tuesday 03/22/16
  • a headache from Tuesday 03/22/16 until Thursday 03/24/16
  • spotting or breakthrough bleeding from Saturday 03/26/16 until current WITH Nuvaring
  • along with irritation and symptoms of my lichen sclerosis on top of that
  • arthritis is acting up – believed to be from silicone being removed and body reacting to no longer having those antibodies from my autoimmune diseases – another side effect of the Mirena
  • hormones are completely out of whack – crying to rage, rage to happy, happy to balling, balling to screaming – EVERYTHING is all messed up
  • anxiety still mild but significantly better. I can get in the car and not instantly think I’m going to die. Still had a massive panic attack yesterday when Nick didn’t call me to inform me he got into his friend’s house, though.
  • psoriasis somewhat has flared up – again probably due to the withdrawals from the silicone IUD being removed – this is also an autoimmune disease
  • fibromyalgia still pretty intense – painful to the touch in upper arms and legs (belief this will get better though)
  • lost 10 lbs since Tuesday (03/22/16) to present day, I believe this is all water weight but not looking that gift horse in the mouth.
  • overall unwell feeling. I just overall feel crappy and unmotivated and just down in the dumps. Some call this depression. Being that I’ve had Bipolar Disorder most of my life, I believe this just to be a down day… others would consider this depression.

So that’s a little bit of what I’ve experience since having the Mirena removed since last Tuesday. I also have a clogged ear and possible ear infection on top of that. Along with Nick’s cold, he so graciously gave to me, on top of that.

Needless to say, I’ve been absolutely MISERABLE!

I have been doing my absolute best to control myself and practice a LOT of self-control and willpower when it comes to my emotions and moods. I have been all over the place. I have done my best to control myself in all ways, though. From screaming off the handle at the kids to crying my eyes out because I believed Mike was mad at me because he didn’t answer the text.

The bleeding thing is new to me… You figure I haven’t had to deal with that since I had Mikhail and that was for a week or two and not before that for another 9 months. So this is all new(er) to me. I’ve been doing the best I can though and that’s all that anyone can ask of me, really.

I just thought I’d update you and myself mainly for what symptoms I’ve experienced these past few days. May I NEVER have to experience this again!

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