Ok. I lied. I did write a very vague list of New Years Resolutions proposed accomplishments.

I sat down and re-wrote a new list. It was a more thought out list. One that included one step in which I want to work on and then up to 2-5 different mini goals or resolutions to come up with the main goal. A way of breaking it down to make it more obtainable. I wanted to share those with you.

Again, my normal disclaimer follows through with these as well – If I do not accomplish these goals, maybe even not even a single one, I will NOT beat myself up about it and instead look back and see why I wasn’t able to accomplish what I set up for myself and learn a lesson from it and try again harder next year. 

Life happens, dudes. Things come up. There are reasons why I will not accomplish every single one of these. Regardless, these are some things I’d like to work on for myself.

Personal Goals

Use Reset
  • use your word of the year
  • pause, breathe, reset your mind, and move on and try again
  • once reset, try hard to start over or move on
Use kindness more than snapping or losing your patience
  • try to breathe before reacting to a certain situation
  • try to think of the kind way to react
  • imagine how you’d want to be talked to
Use FB for friends/family connection – Use IG for summarized progress updates – Use blog for extended explanations
  • Use FB to connect with friends and family, not to whine and complain. Try to stay positive but do NOT be fake.
  • Use FB for groups and learning. There are thousands of groups out there to learn more about the favorite topics you want to learn about. All that information is at your fingertips. — Set a timer and allow yourself X amount of time per group per day. You do NOT need to learn everything and anything there is to know about that topic. Browse through, learn about that topic and make it productive rather than wasteful.
  • Use IG for summarized pictures of your accomplishments and reaching your goals. You do NOT need to ONLY be positive here. You can post a negative post or a fail. Use this to share your life in pictures. These pictures will come in handy for your blog.
  • Use EA for a full blown explanation but try to learn how to summarize and not be such a storyteller. You can tell it all here. Full blow emotion and realism. No holding back.
  • Try to include photos from Instagram. Narrow down photos to only the really best of the best. SIMPLIFY.
  • Think about buying Emily Ley’s Simplify book for your kindle
  • Start a Simplify your life list including your home first. Kinda like a 40 bags list but each and every step to simplify every aspect of your home. Pick 1-2 areas per weekends.
  • See what work is like after training and if you’ll have time in between calls and what work life will be like and if list making will become something you’ll be able to do. — Few months down the road

Don’t forget to give yourself forgiveness and time to rebound

  • If you need an hour to color – do it
  • If you don’t feel like cleaning the house RIGHT THIS SECOND – then don’t
  • If you’re sick, and need to sleep to feel better, then fucking sleep!
  • No more guilt. You do what you NEED to do for yourself.

Financial Goals

Pay off at least two charge cards with taxes
  • pay off Quicksilver
  • pay off Disney
  • make a substantial payment to Costco
Continue doing the debt snowball
  • any and every extra dollar after debt, costs, and sinking funds goes to the next lowest debt snowball
  • log as you pay and pay off as quickly as you can
  • snowball the debt payment to each and every charge card until you’re 100% debt free
Keep log of all income/debt/expenses/sinking funds
  • fill out your budget spreadsheet EVERY TIME money comes in or goes out
  • keep percentages and working order for each income/paycheck
Merge bill tracker and income tracker into your full 2018 budget
  • copy over income tracker into your debt snowball/monthly budgeting spreadsheet
  • copy over your bill payment tracker into your debt snowball/monthly budgeting spreadsheet
Stay within budget as much as humanly possible
  • add a sinking funds transfer over to your income
  • figure out which checking/savings accounts will be for what
  • stay within your numbers as much as possible
Only pay CASH for everything
  • no more credit card usage unless it is CITI for gas/Costco runs which should be paid off every single month or at least paid extra on to cover the cost of the trip
  • only use KOHLS for new work clothes for Mike and I and for school clothes shopping for the boys, otherwise, NO ONE NEEDS any more CLOTHING
  • transferring funds between accounts and using debit for everything ONLY

Health Goals

Start off small
  • drink at least 3-4 32oz bottles of water a day – you’re not drinking your normal amount anymore
  • no seconds at dinner time
  • sweets are limited to 1-2 per week after dinner and should consist of fruit, Fiber One bars, or something sugar-free
  • get exercise in as much as possible – even if it’s a 10-minute workout on the bike, get it in

Relationship Goals

Be more open
  • talk to Mike more and express what you have to say instead of bottling everything up
  • understand that he’s not the talking type so be prepared to just say it, get it out, and move on
  • listen when he has something to say, it’s rare so always be available to LISTEN when he’s ready
If you want him to stay home, simply say so.
  • “It’s been a rough week, with work and the kids, could you just stay home and help me out around the house this week.” Simple as that.
  • Allow him to go, but ask if he could stay only half the day instead of the whole day. Or work it out where he goes a little later in the afternoon so you can get a bunch of stuff done in the mornings.
  • Figure out work weekends – if you have to work weekends or not – if so, figure out how Mike will handle that.
  • when you’re overwhelmed, instead of blowing up the kids, ask for his help
  • communication is key here
  • he cannot help you unless he knows you need his help > You’re a strong, independent woman who doesn’t usually need his help so when you need it or become overwhelmed with stuff, ask for his help. He will feel needed, and you’ll get the help you need.

There you have it. My actual goal list for 2018.

Just thought I’d share.

I might write another post later.

Check out my Instagram. I am going to be posting mini progress reports with pictures and summaries of these goals being achieved, my failures, and just every day progress.

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  1. Sheri says:

    This is a reasonable list, and your attitude is great!

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