Twas the night before school started, when all through the town, the parents were cheering… It was a riotous sound! By 9, kids were washed and tucked into bed… Where memories of homework filled them with dread! New pencils, new folders, new notebooks too! New teachers, new friends…Their anxiety grew! The parents just giggled when they learned of this fright- and shouted upstairs: Go To Bed! It’s A School Night!!

Got to love it. I post that on Facebook every single year. It’s the night before school starts tomorrow, at least for one child. Mikhail’s first day of school is tomorrow. He seems really excited, actually, which is surprising. Last night we went back to school and met his teacher. We dropped off his supplies and while he seemed a tad overwhelmed he was exclaiming later that night. “I HAVE TO BE CLEAN FOR MY FIRST DAY!” when I told him no bath tonight. He thought his first day was today. LOL! No little one. Tomorrow is your first day.

We got his lunch bag, containers, water bottles, snack cup, and backpack all ready to go. I filled out all the paperwork that the teacher required from B2S night and put it in Mikhail’s folder in his backpack. His shoes are tied and ready to go. He’s in the bath “GETTING CLEAN FOR HIS FIRST DAY” right now as we speak. I realized upon going in the pantry that we have barely any lunch/snack foods let due to Nick engorging on everything. I have enough to scrounge together lunch for tomorrow. Thankfully he has hot lunch on Friday. Nick will take hot lunch the first day of school too. He almost always does because he gets ala cart and he can choose pizza every single day – which he does!

I will manage to pull together a miscellaneous lunch together for Mikhail though. I think it will consist of a granola bar, some fruit snacks, a piece of string cheese, and a yogurt, with his water bottle for a drink. He refuses to eat sandwiches or any other NORMAL lunch food so typically it just consists of snacks thrown in his bag.

I hope their first days go well.

Enjoying my time off…

I’ve had off since Monday and I must say it’s been glorious. I’m fighting a battle with my coffee currently. It’s making my stomach upset the first cup I drink, then after that, I seem fine. Needless to say, it has sucked. My coffee is betraying me. Ugh!

I go back to work on Monday of next week. Yup, I took the entire week off. I wanted to be 100% mentally and physically ready and prepared to get the boys off to school successfully. I also wanted to be sure that times will match up depending on when buses drop off and pick up too.

Really that’s all I wanted to talk about. I will probably write either some time on Friday or Saturday about how their first days went. If I don’t come back and write then they went fine and it wasn’t worth writing about.

Saturday, the boys and I were invited to go to my dad’s for a cook out, so that should be fun.

Ok. Talk to you later.

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