I’m writing this a day early. I got antsy. I really don’t even have a lot to write about but I wanted to write this while everything was fresh in my mind.

This week was pretty good. It was my first week on the floor by myself. I was cleared to be by myself on Monday by my trainer, Dan. After fumbling over the last name of the caller for a solid two minutes, I breezed through the rest of the call and ticket and was cleared of needing someone sit with me. The only time I would need someone to sit with me was during emergency calls. Which do not come very often but often enough that I need to take my HELP sign and wave someone down to listen to it.

I found out today that I should have been cleared of my emergencies DAYS ago. My fellow classmates have cleared days ago and for some reason, there was some miscommunication between the coaches as to why I was never cleared. So, that’s my priority next week is to be cleared from my emergencies.

So basically, I take calls from callers and fill out ‘tickets’. I take the information from the caller and fill out forms that we call are tickets and then map the location on our mapping system. Then we verify the information and ask “is that correct?” about forty times and end the call.

I did 80 tickets this week. Not necessarily means I talked to 80 people, nor does it mean I took 80 phone calls. Some of my phone calls weren’t of tickets and some phone calls were multiple tickets.

Overall, I think I did really well. My feedback got less and less as the week went by and I showed improvement with each and every ticket. I was pretty proud of that fact. Now, I just need to be cleared from emergencies and do well for the rest of my ticket audits.

In other news, other than speaking only about work all the time…

Mike has a tour/lunch/interview(question mark?) on Tuesday. His two friends work for a company that is hiring a warehouse/learn IT guy and they told him he should apply. Well, after giving them his resume, they asked for a meeting. He is getting a tour of the place, possibly free lunch, and maybe this means an interview at the same time. We’re really crossing our fingers on this one. This is one hell of an opportunity and it would be amazing if he got in doing that. Maybe, just maybe, this is what fate has been holding out for. None of the other interviews or job applications worked out because it was holding out for this one. We can hope and pray, right? So, guys, keep him in your thoughts and prayers that he gets this position. It would be greatly appreciated. He needs out of where he’s at now. The stress level he’s at is just unbearable. ¬†Anything would be better than where he is now. Being at a company where he already knows two of the coworkers and those two coworkers can put in a good word for him would be heaven sent. Please, think about him on Tuesday.

Nick is having some issues at school. He’s having problems with some bullying. He came home very upset on Wednesday. He stated kids in his study hall class were calling him fat, a jerk, an asshole, and myself a whore. He was crying and having problems with wanting to even return to school. He ended up throwing up that night, intentionally or not and wanted to stay home. I allowed it. He stayed home on Thursday from school and I wrote a pretty lengthy email to the guidance counselor at school. He spoke to Nick today and Nick seems to be in much better spirits regarding the matter. Their solution is that he spends his FLEX (study hall) class in the office to do his work peacefully instead of in the classroom with his bullying peers. I thought this was a fair solution. Nick also expressed concerns to ME regarding his social studies and math teacher – same person – that he was having issues with her bullying him in class. Now, Nick is a sensitive soul, god bless him, but there is a very fine line between what he feels is bullying, what is actually bullying, and what is enough of both for it to be a problem.

I received an email back from the guidance counselor basically saying that things have been resolved and also forwarded to the Dean of Students. I feel pretty confident things will be better from here on out. Nick will do his FLEX class in the office away from everyone and focus on math and his homework for other classes. He said that he even liked his SS and math teacher so there really isn’t a lot of concern regarding that as much as it was portrayed to me.

So that’s what happened this week. I plan on doing quite a bit of cleaning this weekend and catching up on some MUCH needed sleep. Monday I start my new schedule on my own time/hours. 9-4 pm. So that should be interesting. Alright, talk to you all later.

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