I always have a hard time coming up with titles, especially when I’m writing about random things. That’s exactly what this entry is going to be about – random things. I’m enjoying my coffee, watching the news, and thanking my lucky stars Mikhail didn’t break my computer. The battery popped out and I didn’t notice it and opened it and I started to hear ‘CRUNCH‘ and I stopped immediately! I closed the computer and realized the battery was unlocked and popped out again. Now, I know that this isn’t necessarily Mikhail’s fault because I know he didn’t purposely pull the battery out but I still am a little angry. I checked the laptop over and the screen seems ok so let’s all cross our fingers nothing goes or breaks.

Pictures coming soon…

I want to start posting new pictures on the blog of my daily happenings. I used to take pictures of everything! I always have my phone on me so why not post pictures. Not only is it super easy to just snap a photo of what I’m talking about, but it makes for a much more eye-pleasing post. Who doesn’t love seeing picture describing what the person is talking about? So, I am going to do my best to start posting pictures on the posts along the way. I just gotta train myself to take more photos during the day.

I also want to start taking more pictures of the boys. It seems when they were babies and doing all their firsts – first foods, first walk, first crawl, first roll over, etc. – I took so so many more photos. I stopped taking them! One, because Nick really hates taking pictures of himself now a days. He’s very self conscious of himself now. Mikhail doesn’t know how to take a serious picture at all. He is forever being goofy and making funny faces. Not that I’m complaining about this, it makes for GREAT photos!

I really do though. I want to take more photos of the boys. Even if it means pictures of them just hanging around the house. They won’t have much to look back on if I don’t start taking them now. I want them to have something to look back on and say “Yea, I had a pretty good life.” instead of only taking the photos on Christmas morning.

I then start thinking to myself, “we really don’t do much with them” and I feel terrible. I try not to think that though. We’re doing something this week, in fact…

these-10-incredible-fan-art-interpretations-of-inside-out-will-give-you-all-the-emotions-471418Inside Out Movie Night…

On Thursday, Mikhail’s school is having a movie night! They’re playing one of my newest favorite movies, Inside Out. It is such a cute movie! I would be lying if I said I didn’t cry like a baby through this movie. I am hoping that I can pull myself together for the sake of my children’s embarrassment and not cry this time.

The doors open at 6:30 and the movie starts at 7. I believe the movie will go until around 9 pm. Mikhail was shocked that we would be at school so late! He also doesn’t think it’s fair that he has to go to school tomorrow if he is going to be at the school at night time.  He is excited though. I was really thinking we weren’t going to be able to go. The movie night started so late and Mike didn’t get out of work until after 7. Mike asked his boss if he could leave a little early so we could go though so it all worked out.

I have to read the slip but it said something about bringing a pillow to sit on. Which means, we’re going to be sitting on the floor. I’m not looking forward to this. Sitting on the floor for two hours is going to get uncomfortable. I know Mike’s back will act up and my constant need to move around won’t help either. Guess parents do things for their children. We don’t do much together and this is for the school PTO so why not? It should be fun.

The Great Coffee Pot Fiasco…

Apparently I have absolutely HORRIBLE experience servicing electronics. About six months ago, I had to service my laptop for doing the exact thing I told you above with opening the screen while the battery was popped open. The screen started flickering and blinking and it was a mess. (I gotta stop saying that! I hate repeated words!) Anyway, I was days away from my warranty from being up and I got in contact with them just in time. I sent away my laptop and I felt lost for weeks. I got it back and it still wasn’t fixed. I sent it out again and was lost again without my precious laptop. Well, long story short, I ended up sending it out four times for a total of like two months being gone. It was finally fixed. (This is the reason why I was so upset it happened again this morning.)

rusted coffee pot 1So, now that we have established I have horrible luck when using the warranty I can explain this. I received a new coffee maker from Mike on Valentines day of this year. It was a Hamilton Beach Two Way Flex Brewer. Awesome coffee maker! I absolutely LOVE it. Everything was going great and all was well until about a few months ago. I noticed the finish on the hot plate under the carafe was starting to bubble up. I didn’t think much about it. Skip a month or two ahead and the finish from the hot plate came completely off and the bottom started to rust! I disabled cofee pot 1wasn’t having it. ** I have photos of the coffee maker however, WP isn’t letting me upload them so I’m going to keep trying. If I end up with photos in this post, great. If not, I tried. **

I called Hamilton Beach and they informed me that I needed to cut the power cord for my coffee maker (NO!!!!!!!) and disable it. I also had to pay $14.99 for a new coffee pot. I was irritated from the get-go. I cut the power cord and sent the picture to their service team. They decided that it was disabled and sent me out a new coffee maker – A WEEK LATER! Thank god Mike is handy and spliced the wires back together and was able to get my coffee maker working again temporarily until the new one came.

Well a week passed and I finally got my package. I opened it up and to my surprise it was a completely different coffee maker! We’re not talking a coffee maker that is better or an upgrade from the one I have, I’m talking a maybe $15-20 coffee maker.  I was pissed! I got on the phone with Hamilton Beach immediately and explained that MY serial number was THIS and they sent me THAT. They explained that it must have been a mistake in the warehouse and that they would immediately send me my correct coffee maker. I explained my annoyance with the company in the kindest way possible. “I had to cut the cord to my perfectly OK coffee maker that was just rusted to have you send me a new one and I’ve gone almost a week and half without coffee!” She apologized and told me they would also be sending me a shipping label to send back the coffee maker they accidentally sent. Fine whatever. I called defeat and waited again.

rusted coffee pot 2I received my “new” coffee maker a few days later. I never received my shipping label so I wasn’t sure about that. I opened up my new coffee maker and was super excited until I realized, the hot plate on the new coffee maker was bubbled up and starting to rust too! They sent me a USED coffee maker!  I was on the phone, once again.

They explained that I would be receiving two shipping labels and they would need to receive BOTH coffee makers before they will send me out a new coffee maker! At this point I was just plainly pissed off. I said whatever and waited. I waited… and waited… an entire week passed and I still hadn’t received my shipping labels. I forgot to call them on Friday. disabled coffee pot 2

Monday I called and talked to yet another representative. She explained she was a lead and she was going to make shit happen – without so many words. She told me to cut the cord on the new coffee pot and send in a picture and a picture of the hot plate and they would send me out a new coffee pot immediately. She also said the shipping label was sent out on Friday and should arrive very soon. I can send back that coffee maker at my leisure but I shouldn’t have to send back the new one as long as I disable it by cutting the cord and sending in the pictures. So that’s what I did. I cut the cord on the new coffee maker and sent in the pictures. I ended up sending a copy of the wrong pictures (the first coffee maker that was more rusted) and she called me saying “Now that’s not what I told you to do… and that looks identical to the first picture you sent”. I apologized and sent the second set of photos.

So, now I wait. I talked to her on Monday. I haven’t received a notice from UPS saying that there was a package on the way to me just yet. I’m not sending back their wrongfully sent coffee maker until I receive my new one and there is nothing wrong with it. What horrible customer service. 

Ok. This entry is now nearly 1700 words. I went on for quite a bit. I’ll write again very soon!

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