Haha, apparently I’ve already titled a blog post – Titles Are Hard. Whoops. Anyway, I didn’t know what to title this because it’s going to be another hodge-podge of an entry. I made the mistake of drinking three mugs of coffee last night around 9pm. Well, at 3am until 5am I was wide awake. I managed to think about the conversations I’d have with my managers IF I were allotted an interview with them at my old place of employment. I ran the scenarios through my head a few million times and then got it out of my system enough to pass out again. I slept until 7, which is when I was awoken by the worse leg cramp in the world. I couldn’t move without it hurting. I said screw it and got up to walk it off. That didn’t help but now I was up. So, I got up and made some coffee and waited around until the boys were up. Now that they’re up and fighting with each other, I appreciate the quiet a little more. I’m on my third cup of coffee and think I’m ready to start the day. Let’s hope the lack of sleep doesn’t do too much to me today.

Birthday Weekend — One weekend late

So, I forgot all about writing about my birthday weekend to all of you. If I did write about it, it was brief and I didn’t post ANY pictures. I am going to post a single photo. It’s my Project Life layout from my big day. It has a brief little description on it that tells you about my day. I’ll explain in detail afterward.

project life layout of my 30th birthday

So basically, I got a new Galaxy S7 phone, two new phone cases, Starbucks gift card, a Ninja Complete Kitchen 4-in-1 cooker, and a Stitch t-shirt. Myles and Ben came over for dinner which Mike had pretty much all done for me. After dinner, we hung out by the fire when a few more people arrived. It was a nice, small gathering.

The birthday itself was very enjoyable. The boys were over my Dad’s so I had no worries about them because I knew they were in good hands. No one was home at the house but Mike and me. I got almost everything I wanted for my birthday, the only thing I didn’t get was my $80 markers but seriously, who’s going to pay $80 for some markers?! So that was totally cool. I had a very good time and enjoyed myself and my company.

Thanks to Mike for making my birthday very memorable and special. It is exactly what I wanted. I wanted to look back and think “My golden 30th birthday was (insert memory here).” I wanted to do something special so I could look back it and be like “that was pretty cool”, ya know?


I have been coloring slightly again. I haven’t gotten a lot of pages done because I have been so damn busy lately but I did color a little bit. I did one complete page for the color along.

I am also doing the challenge for August which is a monochrome challenge where you have to color the entire page in one color. Here’s what I got so far. It’s my favorite shade of blue.


I have to get used to my new camera on my phone. You don’t turn it horizontally to take pictures because then they’re sideways. They’re not super wide screen long either if you take them vertically. It’s hard to explain but I’m going to have to look it up.

There was more I was going to write about…

My Work Week

I had an OK time at work for Thursday and Friday. On Thursday I talked to my manager about my availability and hours for school-time and he basically said, “I should be worried about it, and *I’m* not worried about it, therefore, you shouldn’t be worried about it. It will be fine. Don’t worry about it.” so I put it in the back of my mind. I’ll get the hours that I get. Whatever. It will all work itself out, right?

Then on Friday I had an incident with a co-worker of mine snapping on me for doing something wrong, which I was taught to be right, and I felt really awful after that for a little. The warehouse manager had to come over and talk to me and tell me not to worry about him and don’t take it personally. After that, I was a little better but I still felt pretty shitty for the rest of the day.

Other than that, I think I did pretty well. I was supposed to have three rewards sign-ups and I wound up with over five. I stopped counting after five. I was supposed to have five add-ons sales and I ended up with 4-5. I needed (2) up to $20 product replacement plans and I only sold one for $5.99.

Those product replacement plans, though… they’re tough! I can’t quite get the wording down with how to sell it. I’m really struggling with the sales aspect of the job but I told the manager when I started – I’m no sales woman. He knew this. I’m doing my best to sell it, though. He said the funny thing about me is that I’ll offer the plan for a product that is $3.99 and the plan is $5.99 and I’ll still offer it. He said you already ask, that’s great! We got to get you asking the right way though and you’ll get at least 10-20% more sales that way. So, I just got to get the wording down on how to do all of it. It will all come with good time. I’ve been studying the product replacement plan brochures and trying to get the words down in my head so I can pitch it to the customers.

Final Notes

I have a picture of Mike and I that a friend took at the party we were at a few weekends ago. I thought it was a great photo of Mike. I don’t care how I look in it but he looks great. So I thought I’d share.


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  1. I don’t have much more to comment other than what I’ve already said on FB, but I wanted you to know I stopped by and read the post. I do like that picture of you and Mike!

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