Well, everyone, the time has come. It’s Sunday. You know what that means…

Tomorrow I begin training at DHL

Everything is all set. HR called me on FRIDAY(!) and informed me that I was 100% good to go and everything checked out with my drug test so I was able to start on Monday at 7 am sharp. This lifted a weight off my shoulders that had to have been over 300 lbs. I felt so relieved that everything was all taken care of. She called me around 2 pm. Prior to that phone call, I was a nervous wreck! I was sick to my stomach, my head was pounding, I had a very short fuse and was crabby! I wasn’t very nice to anyone that talked to me or tried to reassure me. I wasn’t having any of it. So, thank you to those who tried to reassure me but I was being irrational and I didn’t want to listen.

Tomorrow is the big day. You know what? I’m not super nervous! I am actually pretty excited. This is a huge achievement for me! I mean, sure, I’m a little nervous. I am nervous about stuff like, is everyone going to have lunch at the same time? Of course, they are! They won’t want to break up the class twice. Who am I going to have as a trainer? I hope it isn’t L___. Some of the reviews on Glassdoor said all she did was talk about her cat for 40 minutes. That won’t be very fun. No, don’t worry about the trainer. It will be fine. Whoever you have, it will be fine.

I have about 300 things to do today. Mikhail has a friend coming over in about 45 minutes, for the next three and half hours. I’m going to do a list of all the things I have to achieve today —

  • showers
  • pack my lunch
  • pack Mikhail’s lunch
  • set out clothes for tomorrow
  • make sure alarms are set
  • get a notebook and pen and put them in my purse
  • put my lunch in my purse
  • get water bottle ready, add ice and water, and put it in your purse
  • I already put my birth certificate in my purse

Just thinking about disconnecting from my phone and putting it away for 6.5 hours gives me anxiety. I already told the boys if they need me they can call and leave a message but I probably won’t be able to answer it. I told them if it’s an emergency to call Mike’s phone. “We don’t know Mike’s number!” The school has it. If it’s that important, they will give you his number. The kids Nick has a tendency to call me just for the hell of it. He likes to send lots of emails too. Well, I will not be allowed to access my phone at ALL during my shift. If you’re caught with your phone not put away it’s an automatic two-day suspension. I am not about to let anything get in the way of my success, even means having to put my kids on the back burner. That sounds harsh. They will be taken care of IF it’s an emergency. Mike will be available and if I need to be contacted I can just give the number (once I get it) to the contact center so if someone needs to get ahold of me, they will transfer the call to me. Ugh. OK talking about this is giving me anxiety… moving on.

Mike’s interview

Mike had an interview on Friday. He has no idea if it went alright because he hates interviews and thinks it went “alright” but isn’t sure. LOL Men! We will be finding out sometime this week. I asked if they offered the position would he take it? He said he would have to ask them some more questions that he didn’t feel were very appropriate for the interview but probably would. He felt another huge relief after the interview was done.

We have been wrecks these past few days. With him and his interview, with me not knowing if I was for sure good to go for Monday, we were a mess.

He bought himself a laptop yesterday! I thought maybe this would mean he would spend more time with the family upstairs but so far that hasn’t proven true. We will see, though. He and I just made breakfast together. That was nice family time together.  Very sweet of him.

Ok, I suppose that’s all I have to say… Oh, wait! I wanted to show off my two latest coloring pages. I showed you the first one in my last post as a work in progress. Well, I finished it. I also finished the second one. I was a coloring machine. It was great to get some coloring in and relaxation in before the chaos that is about to endure over the next four weeks.

So, I’ll show you what my book looks like with all five? six? books in it.

Ok, that’s all I wanted to show off. Tomorrow is my first big day! Wish me luck! I don’t know if I’ll be back to write about my first day tomorrow, give a run down on Wednesday, or just give a full week summary next weekend. We’ll figure it out. Have a good week everyone!

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  1. Michelle says:

    Good luck on your training!

  2. Cassidy says:

    Good luck! I hope your day was successful and that nothing went wrong.

    I hate to disconnect from my phone too, especially being 4 hours away from my family. Luckily I don’t have as many responsibilities so I just try and clamp down on whatever anxieties I have.

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