I’m in a zone. Picture it – I’ve got my sweats on. I just got the boys on the bus. It’s dark in the house, the only light shining through is the darkness of the gloomy, rainy day outside. The light from my laptop screen is brightening my face. I’ve got my feet up. I’ve got Cash Money-Juvenile artist radio on Spotify playing some gangsta rap for my listening enjoyment. My blue stainless steel Yeti-type coffee mug is filled and hot. I’m here to write a blog post and that’s what I’m going to intend on doing.

I have options today. I took the day off work because Mikhail has a half-day at school and will be released before lunch time. My options include sitting with my feet up, listening to gangsta rap, writing a blog post and relaxing until he’s home, or I can get off my ass and clean something and make my time alone productive. I opted for the blog writing. I also opted for not writing a weekly recap because honestly, who wants to read about a weekly recap every week? I hardly ever get comments on those. I thought why reduce myself to only writing on Friday or Saturday about the previous week’s happenings. Today, I had something to say, I had something to write about, so here I am.

Things may be turning around…

Things progressed very quickly this week. Excuse my lack of detail when it comes to the timeline of the events that happened. Long story, and a lot of explaining reduced, Mike received an offer letter for this company he’s been interviewing with since last month. The pay is essentially what he’s making now with bonuses; this is provided he gets his full bonus every quarter. Without bonuses being considered it’s considerably more. He is eligible for health insurance after 30 day grace period. He begins work on March 31st. He ever so proudly put in his two-week notice at his current job yesterday. It wasn’t a bittersweet event. He thought he’d feel a little tinge of guilt or sadness but felt nothing except a little of excitement and relief.

He’s completely on his own with this new job, in the sense of, I cannot help him with anything. He got the job because two of his good friends work there and put in an excellent word for him. Their word was enough to get him in the door. Now, proving himself worthy to stay true to their word is what is all about him. I know he’s capable of doing it. He’s a hard worker and will prove his worth to anyone that stands in his way. I am super proud of him to finally get to this point and not procrastinate during any of it.

Here’s to the new journey we will face together. Both of us working, in new positions, starting fresh and new, in our new lifestyle together. 

80’s Coloring Challenge

So I ended up coloring a total of five different pages for the 80’s coloring challenge for the Hannah Lynn Facebook group. I picked one specifically to use for my entry. I enjoyed having a theme to color some of the girls. Some were better than others but I still was pleased with what I created. Here’ the five entries that I colored:

I ended up choosing the second one for my final entry. I really like how the last one turned out but I didn’t feel like there was enough detail in it for it to come close to winning. Like I said, I did enjoy doing each picture and having a theme for them.

I have pictures of the kids…

I don’t post many pictures of the kids. Honestly, that’s what Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are for. My blog is my sanctuary where I write all my nonsense on here. Well, I have two pictures of the boys from this week. They actually let me take their pictures. That’s the thing. I have thousands of pictures from their younger years but as they age, the pictures become less and less. Here are the boys:

I had to take a picture of Mikhail with all his toys because it’s a rare occurrence. He plays with his toys MAYBE two to three times a year. I woke up this morning, which I believe was Sunday, and he had all these toys downstairs. He brought them all down in trips by himself. Set up his race track and dumped out all the cars. I was fast asleep and had no idea he was doing it.

Nick is seen here in his natural habitat. Playing the Xbox, talking to his friends on the mic, and just chillin’. I actually got a smile out of him and he surprisingly didn’t hide from the camera so that was a win/win. #knightteen doesn’t like taking pictures. LOL, #knightteen is what he wants his hashtag to be on Instagram. You know how people use specific hashtags for their kids when posting pictures. Well, #knightteen is Nick’s apparently. His nickname is “Knight” at school because of his Youtube channel.

=== Intermission, I need more coffee ===

Ok. While in the kitchen I found approximately 33 things I could be doing instead of writing this blog post. I gotta muster up some motivation. In my head, I’m all like, it will take you less than 20 minutes to just clean the kitchen, just do it! Ugh. I really don’t feel like doing it. But you know what? I’ll end up doing it anyways because that’s just how I roll. Even though I really DON’T WANNA DO IT, I do it anyway because it’s gotta get done at some point in time anyway. So, after I am done with this blog post, I’m putting Spotify on the TV, blasting the sound bar, and getting some cleaning done. *nods*

Gizmo is six months old

You heard that right. Gizmo is a little over six months old. He goes in for his neutering on Tuesday. We decided to just take him to the vet and get it done there instead of worrying about waiting lists and all that nonsense from the WI Humane Society clinic. Yes, it’s much, much cheaper to do it at the clinic, but almost everyone already knows Gizmo at the veterinarian clinic so he will be in good hands. Here’s a picture of how much he’s grown:

My big guy. He’s still just as cuddly as when we got him. He spends a good chunk of time next to me and with me during my time off work. He sleeps with Mikhail every single night. He plays with Nickolas before bed every single night. He’s such a good kitty. We’re really interested to see if he plumps up after his surgery. They usually do but we believe he’s part Siamese or Burmese so he might not.

Planning at work

Yesterday I totally broke my rule and VTO’d super early in the morning. I was bored out of my mind at work and it’s getting closer and closer to spring so the chance to VTO will be reduced significantly. I brought my planner to work with me twice this week. I did get my new desk too and got all that setup. The back room isn’t so bad. It’s pretty loud and I really wish they would put in the dividers so the noise didn’t carry as much as it did but *shrugs* whatcha gonna do?

Here are two of my planner pages from this week. One was from Monday when I got my desk and was worried about being situated. The second was from yesterday when I was trying not to VTO then decided to VTO at 10 am and then decided I still wasn’t going to be allowed to VTO at first break but then when I returned I ended up VTOing anyway.

Ok, ok. I’ve procrastinated long enough. I’m going to put Spotify on my TV, turn it up high, and get some cleaning done. I’ve blogged and said what I’ve wanted to say so all there’s left to say is I hope things are turning around for us.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I am proud of him, too. Sounds like a good deal and it’s nice to see a picture of your daily life and of the kids. Gizmo is cute <3

  2. Kya says:

    That is really great news that Mike has a new job! I hope that he will enjoy doing it and not have to deal with anything like might have happened at the previous place. I am sure he will do really well. :D

    The colours you used look fantastic. :D

    Great pictures of your kids. :D

    Aww, Gizmo is growing up. Such a cutie. :D

    Hopefully you were able to do some cleaning. :D

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