This past weekend we went to Wisconsin Dells. It’s a large area of a few towns and cities that are overcome with hotels, restaurants, and water parks. There’s a downtown area and everything. We live about 2.5 hours away from the Dells. We had plans on staying the weekend with our family.

Our family included Mike’s parents, his brother and his girlfriend, our kids, and ourselves. We rented out a 3 bedroom presidental suite. It was gorgeous. We had lots of room and it was very comfortable. There were two bedrooms with king size beds and their own jacuzzi tub and private bathroom. We had a single room with two full size beds (that was cozy *eye roll*) and our own private bath. We had a balcony, a full kitchen, a dining area, and a full living room area with fireplace. Here’s two pictures of our room:


Sorry for the poor quality of photos. I pretty much vowed that day that I wouldn’t be behind the camera the entire trip and that I’d enjoy my time with my family making memories instead of taking memories. I took only five photos the entire time we were there and that was only in the room.

So we arrived and go situated in our room. We hung out for a few minutes before Lynn was throwing the swimsuits at everyone and we were headed to the waterpark. We all got ready at our leisure and eventually met up down at the first waterpark.

The first waterpark had a lazy river going throughout it. In the center of the lazy river there was a kid’s play area. We were in the lazy river most of the time while at that waterpark. Then Lynn goes “come on you guys!” and we went in to a much warmer, heated pool that went from indoors to outdoors. We swam outside in 30°F weather. That was fun and Mikhail thought it was the coolest thing in the entire world!

We wound up at the second waterpark shortly after we arrived at the first. We spent much more time in the second one though. The second waterpark had a few attractions but mainly it was just a giant wave pool. There was also a small zero depth splash zone for little kids and a giant family size slide (that we never went down). We basically stood in the wave pool for about an our just getting bashed in. It was harsh! Mikhail and Nick loved it though. They jumped in to the waves and thought it was the best. We grew tired of the waterparks and decided to head back to the room and get dressed so we could do some other activities.

Mikhail’s priority included the go-karts. So we headed in that general direction. It was in a section of the hotel I had never been. Lynn got a picture of us on the Go-Karts.


That’s my oldest in the orange. He pissed everyone off in the go-karts. He’s never driven one before and doesn’t have a lot of common sense when it comes to rules of the road so he hit turbo and smashed in to me. I had a headache the rest of the night. Everyone else had a blast though.

After go-karts we found Lazer Tag and the entire family played that. We had a lot of fun doing that. Everyone was running around shooting everyone. It was great. I think I had one of the lowest scores because I shot over 400 times but only shot 29 people and was shot 22 times. That’s what Mike called a “positive kill ratio” so I was good. LOL After that the boys did the Lazer Maze. First it was Mike and Mikhail together, then Matt and Nick together, then it was brother vs brother. Mike and Matt did expert and did it in 38 seconds with only 6 trips of the alarm so that landed them on the leader board for 6th place out of everyone. They were proud of their accomplishment.

We did some walking around and then ordered pizza. We went back to our room, got our pajamas on and ate our pizza. Everyone crashed somewhat early that night. I slept through the night and woke up around 6:30 am the next day.

The next day was slow going. We made pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns, and bacon for breakfast. We all ate and then made our way, SLOWLY down to the waterpark. There was a LOT of confusion as to where everyone was supposed to meet up. Matt and his girlfriend were MIA, George and the boys were MIA. Lynn was standing in the walk way where she knew she’d run in to someone eventually and found us. She was pissed. No one knew where Dad was with the boys. Matt and his girlfriend found Mom, Mike, and I and we were all lost as to what was going on. We wound up at the wave pool and planted our stuff down and went in the water and figured they’d find us eventually. After about an hour or so we finally got a table (it was packed in there!). A while later, George and the boys showed up and we found out they were at the other waterpark with the kiddie area. After a lot of anger and irritation, everyone was together once again. By two or three in the afternoon, I was done! I was just so tired out. I didn’t want to sit in a wet bathing suit the entire day and I was starting to become raw in between my legs where my thighs touch from walking in a wet suit. We finally got the boys to agree to head up to the room and change.

On the way back to the room, Lynn and I got a drink.


21 ounces of margaritas. It was DELICIOUS. I don’t know what exactly they put in to it though. We drank that down. Everyone got dressed in to regular clothes and was sat on the patio for a while watching people try to get out of their parking spots.


We did that for a while. Everyone ate some food and then we headed out. We went to the big arcade and checked everything out over there. We wound up back at the go-karts and went on those again. We did some mini golf. We spent WAY too much money in the arcade trying to get these stupid balls that my family must get every single time we go. Here’s a picture of us packing up and getting ready to leave with the balls.


This is how we got the balls to the car…


We threw them off the balcony. LOL

We did some minor arcade time and one more round on the go-karts and we headed out.

That was our weekend. We did more than I’m saying, I’m simply cannot remember it all in order! We had a lot of fun, spent a lot of money, but had a good family fun time. We don’t go often but it’s a lot of fun when we do go.

So that was our weekend!

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