I’m a wee bit testy today. Here’s why:

It all started with waking up early this morning for what will be our last basketball practice since we’ll be at the Dells next weekend for the actual last practice. I got out of bed and reluctantly made my way downstairs to where I would find the coffee. Overall, it was an uneventful morning. Mikhail didn’t pitch any kind of fits about getting up or ready. Nick was happy because he got his electronics back from being grounded. Easy peasy.

Shortly after that, Mike, Mikhail, and I were headed to the practice. Mike’s phone was blowing up with tons of messages and phone calls regarding some crap that was going on at work. He had been told he and his dad had to split a shift for Saturday and he offered to take the afternoon shift so he could make it to basketball. The entire time at basketball he was busy on his phone dealing with whatever bull shit that was happening at work. I imagine this is what set off his crabbiness. Practice went by fast, it’s only 30 minutes long, and we headed out; Mike still was on his phone and irritated.

We arrived at home and Mikhail and I left the car with full intentions of Mike following us in. We got in the house, shoes off, coats off, and all situated. I ended up going over by Lynn to tell her something and looked outside and Mike was gone. He never came in the house. Never said bye, just left. Uhm, ok?

I text him and said something along the lines of, hey. I thought you’d be coming inside, but since you didn’t I just wanted to say I love you and I hope your day isn’t shitty the entire day. He responded a while later with something like I didn’t want my shitty attitude to rub off and make anyone else have a shitty day too. I said that was fine and have a good day and we stopped texting.

Fast forward a while and after a few random texts later. I realized he was in a better mood but still overall had a shitty day. We had talked about him going to his friend’s house tonight like he usually does on Saturday. Then he told me he received the text asking him to come over. I joked around saying something along the lines of oh I just saw this an hour later, I guess you’ve had plenty of time to discuss your going over there tonight then, huh? He told me that he said it all depended on when he would be out tonight.

Fast forward to around 4pm. Mike came home, talked to me very briefly, told me about his day, took a shower, started packing up his stuff… I said, I guess you’re going over there then? “Yup” “Not even gonna ask or anything, just going huh?” Yup. That was the extent of that. He said I love you and headed out the door. Hm, ok.

Who am I to stop him. He works hard all day long; he deserves a night out. The only problem is… I deserve a night out too. I am with the kids all day, every single day, day in and day out. I take care of them, I feed them (3000xs a day), I bathe them, I do their homework with them, I go to all their conferences and email their teachers when problems arise. I get lunches and snacks packed every single day.

I guess I’m upset because I don’t get to just get up and go. My time away is all day while the kids are at school but at that time I’m expected to clean the entire house, do laundry, and get in a sane second so I don’t blow up at everyone.

Guess I just needed to vent. I don’t mind him going to his friends. I’m just frustrated because he doesn’t have to do 300000 things with the kids every single day. Whatever. I’m done ranting.

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