Hot Damn.

I got my blanket on, my feet kicked up, and Pandora blasted … time to write an entry. Mike and I just ate lunch together thanks to me. I ran to Jersey Mike’s. Not what he was hoping (Kopp’s) but it was food nonetheless. You see, I won a $200 American Express gift card on […]

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New Dentist.

Nick is going to a new dentist today. We were able to find him a dentist office that accepts our insurance. I just hope and pray it’s not like all the others that treat their customers like shit just because of the insurance they have. I’m hoping because of the location of this office it […]

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Change Of Plans … for now.

Last I wrote I was¬†freaking out about the fact that Mike would be leaving for Vegas at some point this week. Well, he went back to work on Monday after having a sore throat which was diagnosed as tonsillitis, a slight headache, a minor fever, and a cold-in-his-eye which looked like pink eye. ¬†He was […]

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Death Plague

The death plague has not escaped us. Now Mike has got it. He’s achy, and has a sore throat, stuffy nose, and headaches. He just went to the doctor to get checked up and make sure there is no infection anywhere. I haven’t heard back from him yet so I’m unsure of how it went. […]

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Good Start To A New Year

Well this year has gone well (so far). Haha. I know it’s only the 2nd, but so far so good. We are all healthy right now. Mike has a minor sinus problems but that is nothing new from any other day. The boys went sledding today. They left me alone in the house for about […]

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