I got the job!

It’s official. I got the phone call last night. It was from Erika, the other team lead. She said that she wanted to offer me the position. She said whatever hours I wanted they were willing to do whatever. She asked if I wanted to be a part of the AM or PM class. I […]

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Hot Damn.

I got my blanket on, my feet kicked up, and Pandora blasted … time to write an entry. Mike and I just ate lunch together thanks to me. I ran to Jersey Mike’s. Not what he was hoping (Kopp’s) but it was food nonetheless. You see, I won a $200 American Express gift card on […]

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Will you… … be mine? Today was Valentine’s Day. For the most part of the day, it was a pretty good day. It started with me sleeping 10.5 hours and waking up at a glorious hour of almost 9 am. I woke up and made myself a pot of coffee. I took my time drinking […]

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Plans Back On

Mike got the official word yesterday, while at work, that he will be going to Vegas on Wednesday. He still needs his plane ticket, rental car and all that jazz set up yet but it’s official, he’s leaving to go to Vegas for sure. He will be gone a week. He more than likely will […]

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Brain Dump

This will be a random post. I have a lot of randomness to talk about from my previous weekend. Not one thing in particular I want to talk about but rather multiple little things. This will be one of my many brain dump posts. This will be all over the place. Be prepared for a […]

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Extended Conferences

I was going to write this yesterday, but I never got around to it. I had a trying day yesterday. First thing in the morning, Mike and I awoke; he went in the bathroom and I took off the bedding. I was carrying the laundry basket down the stairs when I got to the bottom […]

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Busy Monday

So far this has proven to be a busy Monday! I’m proud of my productivity. Yesterday, I opened up my planner and began planning my week. My week filled up very quickly. The main focus for this week is laundry. I don’t have a lot of regular laundry to do, just my normal loads, but […]

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