Piecing The Puzzle Together

Slowly but surely I am piecing the puzzle pieces together. I received my acceptance/offer letter in the email yesterday. It included what documents I needed for my first day, paperwork for my drug test, parking information, and my official letter of offering from the company. The letter from the company basically told me congratulations, what […]

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This will be a hodge podge of an entry. Nothing in particular to talk about but a lot going on, I guess. Mikhail is sick again. He’s been sick for the past few days now. He stayed home from school yesterday and almost today too but I wouldn’t allow for it. I figure if he’s bad […]

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I need structure in my life. Everything is so willy nilly right now. For the most part, I have things in a routine and are pretty structured. Other things, important things like eating, are all fucked up. I need to figure out a way to get myself on a schedule for my entire life. I am […]

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I am liking these one word entry titles. Like, describe this entry in ONE word. Hmm, maybe something I might start doing from now on. We’ll see, right? Please let me take a moment to shout out to my STALKERS! Hi stalkers! I see you, seeing me, creeping, and watching, every single day? Why not leave a […]

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