Suicidal Thoughts.

When are suicidal thoughts considered serious? I ask because we’ve been brought into this whole new world that I wasn’t ready for. Let me rewind back to Wednesday of last week. It was a normal day. Everything was fine. I got the boys ready for school. They left and I got ready for work. I […]

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Feeling Ill

I have been so ill lately. It’s an illness I can’t quite pinpoint. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday were all days I ended up throwing up before work. I was perfectly fine on Tuesday even though I had a very high agenda schedule to do that day. Something at work, this job, that job, any job […]

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Weekly Recap | 10 | Terrible Week

Talk about a TERRIBLE week! I have pictures from the entire week. I don’t know if I’m going to make a Project Life 52 page for this week because things were mostly bad and I mainly took pictures of myself – typical – but we’ll see. So here’s what happened, brace yourselves… Sunday Sunday we […]

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2017 Proposed Accomplishments

It’s that time when I create my list of resolutions proposed accomplishments. I say proposed accomplishments instead of resolutions because I feel saying resolutions only sets you up for failure. You say you’re going to do these big, scary, audacious goals and then by Feb. you realized you haven’t achieved anything. If I say proposed accomplishments, […]

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I am feeling much calmer these past two days. Monday I had work, and I was a wreck before work. Once I was at work and realized no one was going to yell at me for abruptly leaving on Thursday, I relaxed a little bit. My shift was pretty laid back. I worked from 12-4pm […]

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Quickly Posting

I decided to write a quick blog here today. It is REALLY hard to keep up with three (3) THREE blogs at a time. It was definitely a moment of when mania attacks that possessed me to have three blogs at a time. I guess it kinda works out, though. I talk about my friends and […]

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“Normal Person”

Well, I made it. Two weeks since my surgery. I did it. I got my tubes tied and I will no longer have periods. All is said and done. I’d be lying if it didn’t dawn on me at least once or twice I will never have another child again. A small part of me felt a […]

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Post Op.

Well, I did it. I had my surgery. It’s all said and done and put behind me now. We went to the hospital around 8:30 yesterday morning. We got checked in and I changed into my gown. The anesthesiologist came in first and talked to me and said he’d wait for the IV until it […]

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Ok, first things first… I feel incredibly better than I felt previously. Monday was an OK day. I felt a little better and was able to eat most of the day without feeling sick or rushing to the bathroom. Tuesday, I woke up with a great feeling. My coffee went down smoothly without being sick. I was […]

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Stressed Out.

I have been SO incredibly stressed out. All last week I was freaking the hell out thinking that I was pregnant and getting myself SICK WITH WORRY. Well, Friday was my ultrasound. It went alright. I had to go in for an outer ultrasound with a FULL bladder, then go to the bathroom and do an […]

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Almost All Set.

I am almost all ready to rock and roll with my surgery. I went to see the doctor yesterday who will be doing the surgery for my pre-op appointment. It was pretty laid back. She explained essentially what we’re doing and how everything worked. She will be cutting me at my belly button and putting […]

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It’s been almost a week since I had last wrote. I guess, I thought I’d update you all with what’s been going on in my neck of the woods. For the most part, it’s been a rollercoaster ride since Tuesday. What I thought was getting better isn’t, or getting worse. What I thought was getting […]

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I would say today was very successful. After much hemming and hawing about the appointment, it finally came, and it went well! I went in and talked to the doctor about what I wanted. “I want Mirena out.” Done. She didn’t even question why but I had practiced for so long I told her anyway. I […]

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Shortly after I wrote my last entry I started to get an ear ache. It progressively got worse throughout the day. Lynn told me “Take some tylenol and be done with it.” So I took some and nothing happened. Mike came home for lunch and told me to go in. I told him I didn’t […]

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I have been doing a lot of research lately. I came across an article that talked about Mirena IUD birth control being linked to instability in moods and mood swings. I was intrigued. I started looking it up and after reading a bunch of articles I was semi-convinced, my Mirena could have been the cause […]

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Just another manic Monday… only it’s not Monday. Yesterday was Monday, and I had mania – badly! How does one know when they have mania? Well here are the main reasons that give me reason to believe I’m going through a manic phase: restless – I sleep very little when manic. I think that’s what […]

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Nick started Concerta again yesterday. He was on it for four years before we found out he had PVCs and had to stop it. Our miracle drug, just stopped completely. This past year with out it has been grueling. We have had a lot of ups and downs and nothing seemed to help. He tried […]

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