I got the job!

It’s official. I got the phone call last night. It was from Erika, the other team lead. She said that she wanted to offer me the position. She said whatever hours I wanted they were willing to do whatever. She asked if I wanted to be a part of the AM or PM class. I […]

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2017 Proposed Accomplishments

It’s that time when I create my list of┬áresolutions proposed accomplishments. I say proposed accomplishments instead of resolutions because I feel saying resolutions only sets you up for failure. You say you’re going to do these big, scary, audacious goals and then by Feb. you realized you haven’t achieved anything. If I say proposed accomplishments, […]

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Proposed Accomplishments 2016 Edition

A few years ago, I wrote on my blog that I would no longer have “New Years Resolutions” but instead of “Proposed Accomplishments”. I truly feel if I write down that it’s a resolution it just simply won’t get done. It’s like setting myself up for disaster without even trying. We set the bar really […]

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Brain Dump

This will be a random post. I have a lot of randomness to talk about from my previous weekend. Not one thing in particular I want to talk about but rather multiple little things. This will be one of my many brain dump posts. This will be all over the place. Be prepared for a […]

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Extended Conferences

I was going to write this yesterday, but I never got around to it. I had a trying day yesterday. First thing in the morning, Mike and I awoke; he went in the bathroom and I took off the bedding. I was carrying the laundry basket down the stairs when I got to the bottom […]

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