Things turning around?

I’m in a zone. Picture it – I’ve got my sweats on. I just got the boys on the bus. It’s dark in the house, the only light shining through is the darkness of the gloomy, rainy day outside. The light from my laptop screen is brightening my face. I’ve got my feet up. I’ve […]

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Weekly Recap | 10 | Terrible Week

Talk about a TERRIBLE week! I have pictures from the entire week. I don’t know if I’m going to make a Project Life 52 page for this week because things were mostly bad and I mainly took pictures of myself – typical – but we’ll see. So here’s what happened, brace yourselves… Sunday Sunday we […]

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Weekly Recap | Week 09

Although the week is not through, I thought I’d come and write my weekly recap anyway. I promise to not only talk about work. The week started off right. I was starting my own shift this week. I was worried how having to stay until 4 pm would affect me compared to getting out at […]

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Weekly Recap | Week 6

So, I’ve been doing these Project Life scrapbook pages with the Android app. Every week, per the rules of the Project 52 challenge, I have been scrapbooking one page for every week. I normally do this on Saturday morning when we are at basketball. Yes, that means we don’t include Saturday night in our weekly […]

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This is it.

Well, everyone, the time has come. It’s Sunday. You know what that means… Tomorrow I begin training at DHL Everything is all set. HR called me on FRIDAY(!) and informed me that I was 100% good to go and everything checked out with my drug test so I was able to start on Monday at […]

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Busy Body.

So much time and so little to do! Strike that. Reverse. My planner has been filled with to-dos all week. I have written everything I need to do over the course of this week. For the most part, actually not really, I haven’t followed the scheduled planned to-dos for this week at all. Here is […]

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2016 – A year in review.

2016 was pretty crazy. Normally on the last few days of the year, I write about my resolutions proposed accomplishments that I achieved throughout the year but I decided to add little something to my annual post. I want to look back and write some of the things that happened this year. I am going […]

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New Coloring Pages

I’ve been on a hiatus for coloring lately. I just haven’t really felt like doing it. I received the new Christmas book and hit a halt. I haven’t wanted to color at all! Which really sucks. Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve shared some of my pages with you all. Here are some of […]

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Just Updating

I thought I’d come back and update some things or simply write to write. It’s what, Tuesday? I feel like it should be the end of the week. I’m thankful it’s not though because I work on Friday. I’m still having issues with feeling sick to my stomach before work. I get very anxious and […]

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Busy Week

It’s been an incredibly busy week. I’ll rewind all the way back to last Friday… Our Weekend Away Last Friday, I had to work. We found out on Thursday it may be the last time we would be able to see Grandpa (Mike’s) and Mike wanted me to pack a bag and ready to go. […]

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State Fair and More Fun

So this week has been harsh. I ruptured my ear drum on Tuesday. I went to Urgent Care and had the normal doctor, who is always there, say that he couldn’t even see in my ear to see if it was ruptured. He wrote me out a prescription for an antibiotic that he ALWAYS writes […]

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Titles Are Hard

Haha, apparently I’ve already titled a blog post – Titles Are Hard. Whoops. Anyway, I didn’t know what to title this because it’s going to be another hodge-podge of an entry. I made the mistake of drinking three mugs of coffee last night around 9pm. Well, at 3am until 5am I was wide awake. I […]

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One Week Later

So it’s been a week since I last wrote. I did not take the time to read my last post so I don’t entirely know what I wrote about other than writing about work. I guess I wanted to give a short little update since then. Work Life So, I worked Tuesday-Thursday this week in […]

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Lots of Manias

This is going to be another hodge podge entry for you. A little bit of everything, but I brought photos so it’s all good, right?! So let’s get started. Cleaning Mania I had a huge touch of the cleaning mania bug for about a week or so, then I went to an agitated mania for […]

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School Year Complete.

Well, another year has passed. It will officially be summer break as of 11:20 am tomorrow. I will have a 7th grader and 2nd grader. Can you believe it!? I surely can’t. It’s surreal that we’ve lived in this house for one year now. It’s unbelievable that entire school year has passed. Wow!  They did […]

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Whole Lot Of Nothing.

I really don’t have much to write about but I thought I’d come and write anyway. Things are going well. I feel a lot better than I was; I don’t have a cold anymore or other ailments bugging me. I’ve been doing a lot of coloring. I’ll share the pages I’ve colored with you. All […]

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I am incredibly bored right now but I don’t know when the boys will be returning so I’m going to make this fast. The boys, Mike, and his dad went to the baseball game tonight. They left me to fend for myself. So far, since they left around 4 pm, I have: watched about 8 […]

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Hi, everyone. I don’t know what I last wrote about. I suppose I should check that out before I continue. — Ok. I’m caught up. So, here’s what has happened since Sunday evening. – Not much! Monday morning was uneventful. We got the boys off to school and Mike didn’t need to start work until […]

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