Wait, do I need to be fixed?

So, recently, during the time I’m not blogging like I should, I have been listening to this podcast called the “Anxiety Coaches Podcast”. I’ve learned a lot from it so far. I was listening yesterday while deciding to color for the first time in weeks and had a few inspiration spikes in my mind. I […]

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Ok, first things first… I feel incredibly better than I felt previously. Monday was an OK day. I felt a little better and was able to eat most of the day without feeling sick or rushing to the bathroom. Tuesday, I woke up with a great feeling. My coffee went down smoothly without being sick. I was […]

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Proposed Accomplishments 2016 Edition

A few years ago, I wrote on my blog that I would no longer have “New Years Resolutions” but instead of “Proposed Accomplishments”. I truly feel if I write down that it’s a resolution it just simply won’t get done. It’s like setting myself up for disaster without even trying. We set the bar really […]

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Brain Dump

This will be a random post. I have a lot of randomness to talk about from my previous weekend. Not one thing in particular I want to talk about but rather multiple little things. This will be one of my many brain dump posts. This will be all over the place. Be prepared for a […]

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