I’ve been slacking

I have been really slacking these past few weeks with this blog. I notice in previous years past when I was working I did the same thing. I hardly post during the times I’m working. Then years later, I go back and read the posts near the end (Aug – October) to find out how […]

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Suicidal Thoughts.

When are suicidal thoughts considered serious? I ask because we’ve been brought into this whole new world that I wasn’t ready for. Let me rewind back to Wednesday of last week. It was a normal day. Everything was fine. I got the boys ready for school. They left and I got ready for work. I […]

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Just In Time

So, I think I was able to nip the mania in the butt, just in time. Not without a major blowout fight with Mike first. Totally my fault, I started it, I ended it. It was unnecessary and I picked a fight with him on Easter Sunday. We didn’t scream or shout, no, we fought […]

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Rough Week

This was an incredibly rough week. I spiked a mania high. Tis the season. It’s getting warm outside. The sun is out later. Mania comes with the season of spring and summer. It was only natural that I would start climbing higher and higher. Monday was rough. I went to work and had full intentions […]

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Monthly Recap | March 2017

I really slacked at writing this past month. I wrote three times in the month of March. Either I didn’t feel the need to write or I got lazy, either way, it didn’t happen. So, here I sit, writing a blog post while I listen to my Discovery Weekly Spotify playlist. Mikhail is home sick […]

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2016 – A year in review.

2016 was pretty crazy. Normally on the last few days of the year, I write about my resolutions proposed accomplishments that I achieved throughout the year but I decided to add little something to my annual post. I want to look back and write some of the things that happened this year. I am going […]

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Lots of Manias

This is going to be another hodge podge entry for you. A little bit of everything, but I brought photos so it’s all good, right?! So let’s get started. Cleaning Mania I had a huge touch of the cleaning mania bug for about a week or so, then I went to an agitated mania for […]

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Manic … Friday.

I wanted to sing, “Just another manic Monday, whoa whoa. Wish it was Sunday! That’s my fun day! Whoa Whoa. Just another manic Monday.” You’re welcome for putting that song in your head now. I am really, really, manic. I’m like the good manic though. I call this mania, the cleaning mania. I get SO much cleaning […]

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Brain Dump – Part 1

EDIT: I’m going to come back and cross things off this list as I do them. Even though I wrote the lists out as in order in which I’d like to complete. I did not take into consideration that I would be doing these randomly instead of in order. They just were put in order […]

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Quickly Posting

I decided to write a quick blog here today. It is REALLY hard to keep up with three (3) THREE blogs at a time. It was definitely a moment of when mania attacks that possessed me to have three blogs at a time. I guess it kinda works out, though. I talk about my friends and […]

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“Normal Person”

Well, I made it. Two weeks since my surgery. I did it. I got my tubes tied and I will no longer have periods. All is said and done. I’d be lying if it didn’t dawn on me at least once or twice I will never have another child again. A small part of me felt a […]

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I have been incredibly overwhelmed the past few weeks. I feel like everyone has these such high standards for me to take on and I cannot even come close to meeting them. They want the house to look a certain way. They want the kids acting a certain way. I need to find a job […]

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Ok, first things first… I feel incredibly better than I felt previously. Monday was an OK day. I felt a little better and was able to eat most of the day without feeling sick or rushing to the bathroom. Tuesday, I woke up with a great feeling. My coffee went down smoothly without being sick. I was […]

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Almost All Set.

I am almost all ready to rock and roll with my surgery. I went to see the doctor yesterday who will be doing the surgery for my pre-op appointment. It was pretty laid back. She explained essentially what we’re doing and how everything worked. She will be cutting me at my belly button and putting […]

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Hi, everyone. I don’t know what I last wrote about. I suppose I should check that out before I continue. — Ok. I’m caught up. So, here’s what has happened since Sunday evening. – Not much! Monday morning was uneventful. We got the boys off to school and Mike didn’t need to start work until […]

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I have been doing a lot of research lately. I came across an article that talked about Mirena IUD birth control being linked to instability in moods and mood swings. I was intrigued. I started looking it up and after reading a bunch of articles I was semi-convinced, my Mirena could have been the cause […]

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Just another manic Monday… only it’s not Monday. Yesterday was Monday, and I had mania – badly! How does one know when they have mania? Well here are the main reasons that give me reason to believe I’m going through a manic phase: restless – I sleep very little when manic. I think that’s what […]

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Been Busy!

I have been incredibly busy lately. I started a new website – Frugal Heart and have been working extremely hard on it the past week. I got the layout all done and social networking links up. I started writing content for it which is long winded articles. I know I shouldn’t write the best articles for […]

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I Need An Introduction

Now that everything is erased and I’m starting over fresh, I need an introduction. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Nikki. That is not my given name but I have an unique way of spelling “Nicole”. I don’t want to broadcast all over Google search engines with my blogs so I’m going to go […]

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New Start

Well, I’ve completed reading about 85% of my old entries up until a few months ago; I skipped over those. I read almost everything and I feel… different. I feel like I can let go. I feel like I can start over. There was a lot of darkness and things I’m not proud of that were […]

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