I would say today was very successful. After much hemming and hawing about the appointment, it finally came, and it went well! I went in and talked to the doctor about what I wanted.

“I want Mirena out.” Done. She didn’t even question why but I had practiced for so long I told her anyway. I explained I’ve had about 8-9 diagnosis since getting Mirena put in. She said that it was awful what I was going through and that she had no problem taking it out immediately.

“I want my tubes tied.” Done. She said she’d talk to the surgeon tomorrow about doing the procedure because I don’t see an actual doctor there. She didn’t even question why I wanted my tubes tied. She didn’t ask me my age or how many children I had. I explained myself anyway because once again I had practiced a lot before that time. I explained that I wanted my tubes tied because I had become very sick when pregnant with HG. We’re talking 55lbs loss, puking for months, almost needing PICC lines and Zofran pumps. She said, “done. We’ll get that scheduled.”

“I have very heavy 8-10 day periods when I have them, what can I do about that after the tubal?” Done. We’ll do NovaSure and it’s a procedure that removes your lining in your uterus, removing your periods completely. Wait, what!? There’s a procedure to get rid of your periods!? No freakin’ way!

I got on the table and Mirena was removed instantly. She gave me free samples for NuvaRing, which I took because I’ve been on Nuvaring before and had no problems. I just wish I could remember why I went off NuvaRing to begin with, but I can’t for the life of me. So she gave me three, one for today, and two for the next two months. She said that should cover me until I get the procedures done which she’d order and get in the system and taken care of ASAP. She said someone would call me to schedule the procedure appointment soon (no definite date but whatever).

How do I feel now?

I feel AMAZING. I feel so relieved now that the appointment went well. Weirder yet, I would normally be freaking out, what if the insurance company won’t cover the procedures? What will I do then!? How long do I have to wait for finding that out? While those thoughts are in my head, I’m not freaking out about it. I feel so overwhelmed with happiness and a sense of being relieved it’s not even funny. I feel great. I have this burst of energy that I want to get a bunch done – I’m not getting a bunch done – but I feel like I could move mountains.

Part of me is like “meh” about the whole insurance company covering the procedure. I’m not freaking out! That’s the most important part about this! *I* AM NOT FREAKING OUT! Sure, I’m a little concerned but I can think about other stuff. It’s not the only thing I’m thinking about. The only reason why I’m even thinking about it now is because I’m talking about it.

I want to eat a lot too. I am SOOO hungry. I don’t think this has anything with getting the Mirena removed but I just thought I’d note that.

I’m hyper. Full of energy. Just zip! Zoom! *shrugs* I don’t know. I feel full of energy yet I vaguely feel like I could take a nap.

Just thought I’d update you all on how I feel just hours after having it removed… I’ll continue to update you all with updates as they come. It just shocks me how much energy I feel, how chipper I feel, and how little I’m worrying about the procedures being covered. It’s so weird.

Edit: 03/24/2016 at 9:54am

So, I wanted to tell you, after I wrote this blog post, my energy died down a little. I ended up taking a nap. *I* actually napped! I never ever nap! I was able to sleep for roughly 45 minutes when I woke up feeling fairly refreshed and awake.

I had minor cramping throughout the day. Nothing a little ibuprofen wouldn’t take care of.

I was hungry the entire day but my appetite wasn’t there. I didn’t eat a ridiculous amount of food. I was mainly craving different foods but nothing looked appealing so I simply didn’t eat anything.

I ended up in bed around 8:30 – 9pm because I was just exhausted and wiped out by the end of the day.

Yesterday, 03/23/16, I felt very ill most of the day. I ended up getting sick twice and having to rush to the bathroom once. I don’t know if this was related to what I had eaten or the Mirena being absent. Once again, I was starving and had lots of cravings but no appetite to eat anything. I was craving popcorn, so I made popcorn and ended up sick. Same thing happened with deviled eggs that I made, I craved them but wound up sick after I ate them.

I was able to eat dinner (chicken and rice) but it was a very small amount and I felt sick afterward but never got sick.

Later that night, I went to bed pretty early. I was exhausted again and since I wasn’t feeling 100%, I thought it would be best that I just go lay down.

Overall, the first few days without Mirena weren’t terrible. I think it helps that I have NuvaRing in right now to help balance some of my hormones. I didn’t feel very well yesterday. We’ll see how I feel today (Thursday – two days after removal).

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