So probably not what you’d think this entry is going to be about… but Nick… is getting stronger. He’s growing big and strong. He’s nearly taller than me. In fact, it will only be a few more months before he his looking down towards me instead of me looking down at him. This is all good and all minus the fact that he feels as though this means he can get in my face.

It started with yesterday, he came home from school, and like any other normal day he requested that he go on the Xbox. I explained to him that that previous morning he was told, “You come home from school, you do your homework, and then you clean your room. No Xbox.” After the reminder, and a small fit, he reluctantly went upstairs to ‘clean his room’. He came back down after only 3-4 minutes and said, “Ok, I’m done.” I did something I normally don’t do. Normally, I’m lazy and will just say ok and be done with it. Not this time, I got up and went upstairs to check out his room. I found a fairly cleaned up room but noticed in the corner was his chair and on his chair was draped a blanket across it. This struck me as odd, so I pulled the blanket off revealing an entire SLEW of things, practically everything that was around his room was underneath that chair.

I called him upstairs and basically was like, “Nick, what the hell dude?” He played stupid and was like, “What did I do? Nothing wrong with that. You weren’t supposed to look under there.” I was like “Seriously, Nick?! Do you really think I’m THAT stupid that I’m not going to come up here and check underneath the mystery blanket on the chair?!” I said “Whatever, clean all of this up and be done.” Something happened here… I’m not sure what happened, but either I said something or went to go act like I was going to smack him but didn’t because that would be frowned upon in this society. I’m not sure. Something happened in the two seconds from me to say that and walk out the door. I went and turned to walk out the door and Nick did what he has done in the past and got in my face, body flushed with mine and bounced me back in to the room saying no! Don’t! I was like, “Nick, go!” I said it like three times, each time taking a step towards the stairs. He continued to get in my face and I finally grabbed him and shoved him in to his room to get him out of my face. I honestly didn’t know if he was going to get in my face so much that I’d fall down the stairs or what — maybe that’s me being dramatic ol’ me, but I was close to the stairs and he was out of control with power. So, I did what I thought I had to do and I grabbed him and shoved him in to his room and walked down stairs.

He came down and made a big stink about being shoved in his room and I told him that he had gotten in my face and that was unacceptable – the only way you’re allowed to parent these days — PFFT! I said you got in my face and I feared you’d push me down the stairs. He started his normal, dramatic crying, saying, “What do you think I’m some kind of monster! How dare you! HOW DARE YOU THINK THAT OF ME! I WOULD NEVER THROW YOU DOWN THE STAIRS!” I said something along the lines of ok, fine, whatever. He said, “I was trying to HUG you! Tell you that I was sorry! HUG YOU! Not get in your face!” That’s where I opened my eyes and realized the manipulation and how good he is at what he does. He tried to manipulate me in to believing something other than what actually happened because it favored him in his version. Hug me? No. I know what he did. He did what he always does when he thinks he’s cute and his playing and gets in my face and body bumps me and goes “WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT?!” He thinks that’s fun and games and cute to do. How about when you add teenage angst and rage and emotions… then you give him the power, a 142 lbs, almost 5’2″ teenager in the face of his mom who is wider and a tad taller but doesn’t have as much power as him… it spells disaster.

Long story short… he wound up grounded until next week, then added an additional week on this morning when he tried to manipulate Mikhail in to turning on what HE wanted on the TV as soon as Mikhail woke up. Mikhail snapped back at Nick that he wouldn’t do what he wanted. Nick played stupid. Mike grounded him for another week.

That’s the one thing Nick got from his dad… manipulation. That boy would tell you what flavor ice cream YOU like without you even getting a chance to answer. He plays mind games to make people believe they should do something for him in his favor. Or make you feel bad for not doing what he wants you to do. He’s the ultimate manipulator.

Ultimately, what is going to happen is some day he’s going to say, or look, or approach, or even manipulate someone the wrong way and someone is just going to knock him out. He feels as though he has no boundaries. Maybe that’s my fault. I don’t know.

I suppose I’m going to end this here though. Mikhail has his first fillings to get in today and I pray they go alright. He isn’t too thrilled about having to go back with the dentist and dental assistant by himself without me. He also has no idea what he’s in for. *sigh* Pray for me. I have about 45 minutes of sitting in the waiting room with my phone while the fillings are done so lots of time to think and ponder life.  Just what I need to do, right? Ugh!

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