Spring Break is coming to a close here. We’re on the eve of the day the boys return back to school. Overall, I’d say this spring break was pretty successful.

Aside from being absolutely miserable almost the entire duration, I’d say we got a lot done. The boys didn’t kill each other. They played outside quite a bit. They saw Zootopia. We went out to dinner a few times. We did some errands and running around together as a family. We even got their med and annual check-ups took care of. Success!

The boys aren’t ready to go back to school but my cleaning schedule and filled up planner says that I am ready for them to go back. They’ll be fine. They’ll adjust.

Now tomorrow is back to the daily grind for me. I have a doctors appointment early in the morning to take care of my ear (again). I went grocery shopping today, so that’s taken care of and out of the way. I cleaned most of the kitchen today too so I don’t have much for me to do tomorrow. I just have to hope the doctor says everything is in working order and doesn’t tell me to do the dreaded ear drops again.

I really don’t know what else to talk about so I’m going to end this here. I’ll be back with updates in a few days.

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