The History of Eternal Amour

Eternal Amour was created in February of 2007. The name “Eternal Amour” is french, meaning: “Endless Love”. It came to me because of the love of the French language I have. I think its absolutely beautiful. This is the longest owned domain I have ever had. It has come a long way, and has been many things. It started off as a blog with many graphics and designs to offer. I was still highly apart of the “webpage doll” world. I then got into the huge epidemic of the Myspace Glitter graphics, which of course, was added to EA. I had always used my site as a blog, using Cutenews. I had done a much needed revamp in December of 2008. I deleted a lot of unused pages and wiped out all the graphics due to ‘growing up and out’. After a few months of contemplation and after the birth of my second son, I decided, I have a new life. It’s time everything in my life reflects my new lifestyle. I started to learn as much CSS, PHP, xHTML, and WordPress. I decided it was time. I started to work on everything as of March 2009. After over three weeks of working on the first theme alone. I completed it and revamped (to the extreme) Eternal Amour.

Want to see some previous themes/layouts from EA? There’s quite a few of them.  Check them out here: http://eternalamour.com/design-showcase/screenshots


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