Today was just fun-filled with nonsense.

First, I checked the school’s app and got notified that Nick was marked absent for a class called “Reading Intervention” which I didn’t even knew he had! So, I checked his schedule and sure enough his language arts and reading classes were switched around and instead of taking “Read-180” he is now taking a class called “Reading Intervention”. They NEVER notified me or him of this schedule change. Correction: If they did notify him, he hardly paid attention to what was going on and didn’t know about it this morning. Either way, I was emailing him this morning explaining that he missed his reading class and that he had language arts at 4th period instead. So, I later found out once he was home that he ended up having two language arts classes today and never wound up at the reading class. Which he was upset about because he said that the first day was an explanation of what the class would be about and everything and “he missed it!” 

So that was this morning, I did some chores around the house but mostly stayed pretty unoccupied with my time.

Nick came home on a rampage. He was screaming as soon as he walked in to the door. After fifteen minutes of emotional outbursts, screaming, fighting, and rampages, we finally calmed down for a second. This was just long enough for him to tell me that some kid told him he wanted to kill him at school today. Jesus Christ. So, I tell Mike this and he goes, “Well did you call the school!?” I told him no, and called the school. I talked to the secretary and quickly explained a little bit of what happened and that I’d like to talk to the Dean of Students, whom was taking care of the issue at school.

I didn’t get a phone call back from him until about 45 minutes later. He explained his story and what he witness happen. Long story short, Nick has been egging on this kid because this kid choked him back in October and hasn’t let up about it. So, understandably, the kid got upset and since Nick was pushing him and pushing him about it he finally snapped and went off on Nick. When asked, by the Dean of Students, why did you continue to bug him about this, Nick? Nick said he didn’t know but he knew it bugged him and continued to do it. He said it was unacceptable that this kid had said that he’d kill him and he has been told if it happens again, there will be consequences. To be exact, this kid said, “If there was a school Hunger Games, I’d kill you first.”

In the end, Nick got talked to about egging this kid on. This isn’t the first time Nick has egged someone on until their breaking point. In fact, he does it almost all the time. He does it to Mikhail all the time. He is very manipulative in his actions and words. It’s something we’re working on.

So that was Nick, what about Mikhail?

I’m growing tired of typing so I’m going to make this quick. Long story short: I asked Mikhail’s teacher for more challenging homework because we’re having problems with getting him to do his homework because he’s SO bored with it.

She wrote back saying, basically, sorry there’s nothing we can do. We have to give all the kids the same homework. Some are more advance and a lot are way behind and just learning. There’s nothing we can really do. Oh yea, and if you don’t want to do the homework, that’s fine, but Mikhail won’t be rewarded at the end of the month for doing his homework.

Which totally pissed me off because I had absolutely NO intentions of saying that I didn’t want to do the homework completely. I had intentions of the exact opposite actually. I wanted MORE CHALLENGING HOMEWORK! GRRR!

Needless to say, it’s been a very long day when it comes to school and everything.

Mikhail is in the talented and gifted class for ONE hour per week. He won’t be tested for the talented and gifted classes until a later grade (unknown) and there’s really nothing we can do about it until then. So we have to just make the best of what we got and go from there.

Ok, I’m ending this here. It’s really hard to type an entry while all the boys are home and around. Mike is sitting here and although he’s not talking to me, he’s distracting.


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