What can I say about Saturdays? I have a love/hate relationship with Saturdays.

  • sleeping in – Today I slept in until 8:30 this morning. It was glorious. I could have slept until noon, ahem, like Nick did. I didn’t though, I slept in only until 8:30.
  • Pizza Piz’aturdays – we order, carry out, or make pizza every Saturday because Dad goes hang out with his buddies so as a treat the boys and I make their favorite meal – pizza, every Saturday.
  • silent afternoons – a lot of times the boys give me some quiet time on Saturdays. Mikhail will be in the basement and Nick was upstairs in his room on his tablet. I sat in my living room, in the darkness and silence with only the sound of me typing away on my computer and the light music playing in the background. The only light I had was from the Christmas tree. The boys were content and I had a moment’s peace knowing that everything, for at least that second, was going to be OK.
  • Mike is gone – this is a love/hate thing. I love him being able to hang out with his friends and doing car things with his car friends. I like that the boys and I get to spend some extra time together; sometimes that time is one on one depending on if one or the other is at a sleepover or friends’. I wish Mike had some one on one time with each boy too. Mikhail and he share a lot of the same interest. He has tried many times to relate and spend time with Nick has come up with very little to do with him. I can’t really complain too much about this. We spent time together as a family last night at the Admiral’s game. It’s a love/hate thing.
  • Mike got a lot of progress done in the basement. He has a lot more to get done before it’s usable. All with good time I guess. Part of me wants him to throw everything in the box, throw it in the back and be done with it but I guess that would just get us back to exactly where we were original. I just want my bike set back up again so I can work out.
  • I got a lot of planner pages printed out – I printed out four months worth of planner pages. I only dated January and February but at least I made some progress in my new planner. I also worked on some of my non-planner pages like the ones that are on my laptop.
  • I spent WAY TOO MUCH “MONEY”. I charged it all. Shame on me. Here I am talking about being debt-free and getting out of debt but here I am charging for credit cards all day long. Anyway, I got the boys each about 7 more gifts to put underneath the tree – all clothes. They won’t be thrilled opening it but oh well. I’m going to put the clothes up front, have them open those first, and then they can open the non-clothes gifts, and then their tablets. Oh well, I don’t care, they have more than a few gifts to open underneath the tree. Clothes or not, at least it’s something.
  • I want to buy a new laptop – but alas, I am in debt and can’t put myself into more of debt. I have to charge $670 of a down payment of braces on the 4th of December so that’s my laptop fund. I guess this laptop and its quirks are going to have to just work for me until 1.) I get a job again and can just spend my savings fund on it 2.) I get taxes back. Either way, this girl is going to have to wait.

I’m not quite sure why I wrote this entry like that with the bullet points. I guess I wanted to change it up a little. The boys need to go to bed so I can finish watching Instant Pot (which Mike bought me for Christmas) videos and debt relief videos. So ta-ta for now.


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  1. Sheri says:

    My friend has an Instant Pot and loves yet. She’s always posting pictures of the meals she prepares. I’ve also noticed she belongs to some Instant Pot FB groups. I’m excited if I get to sleep in until 7:00 on the weekends. The boys wake up around 6, and their bedroom is above hours. Since I’m a light sleeper, they wake me up even if they’re quiet. I hope your Sunday is good.

    • admin says:

      I, too, have joined some FB groups for the Instant Pot as well.
      Sleeping in has become a luxury that I appreciate more than words can explain. Typically, Nick sleeps until 10 am – 12 pm on a usual weekend and Mikhail is as quiet as a mouse. He will go downstairs, make himself breakfast (sometimes) and usually lay on the couch and watch his phone/tablet or go all the way downstairs to the basement where Dad is and spend time with Dad on the computer. Ambien has made me a pretty deep sleeper so I usually sleep through a lot of what’s going on if anything. Mike and Mikhail are quiet guys so I don’t usually have to worry about them. Nick will come in my room just to ‘see if I’m sleeping’ and I normally am up but not up and that’s enough to creep you out. LOL Guess there are many benefits and cons to having the grandkids with you, huh?

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