This has been a fantastically relaxing weekend. Here’s the break down:


Friday was a busy day at work. We are typically short about 10-15 people on every Friday because a lot of people work Sunday – Thursday instead. Friday’s should be a slower day. It’s the end of the week and things should be slow, but they’re not! 10-15 people short means we’ve got that amount less of people answering the phones. And since we have approximately 15 seasonal employees left, we are really short handed. Long story short, we were really busy. Service levels are in the 60 percentile. We are typically at 97% to give you an idea of how short handed we really are. It was a long, BUSY day. 

I came home and just wanted to relax. Mikhail had his back to school picnic that the PTO was throwing and wanted to go. I opted out of it and said no. I just couldn’t do anything else. We usually go to stuff like that so I felt I had permission to say no this one time. We just chilled out the whole night and relaxed. I cooked dinner – I don’t even remember what I made but I did cook. I ended up going to Walgreen’s twice to pick up Nick’s prescriptions. It was a laid back day.


Saturday was lovely. I woke up around 6:30 am unable to sleep any longer. Mike had woken up around 3 am and couldn’t fall back asleep. Mikhail was up shortly after me and then Nick didn’t rise until around 10. After some minor cleaning and hanging out, Mike said he was hungry and I decided to keep the Saturday traditional alive and order Pizza Hut. Typically, Mike is gone to his buddy’s house by 9-11 am on Saturday and it’s just the boys and I. Mike graced us with his presence this Saturday and we got to spend extra time with him, which was nice. It was nice but I didn’t know what to do with him. He was here and I felt like we should have been doing something. He was cool with just hanging out so that’s what we did.

Later that afternoon, Mikhail, Mike, and I left to go bum around the city. We went to Wal*Mart for a few odds and ends. Then we drove around and checked out the storage lockers that Mike is looking at to store his Firebird this winter. Afterward, we went to our old friend’s Adam’s house to drop off our homemade Apple Pie moonshine. We chatted for a while then headed out. Lastly, we went to the 1st annual car show in Greenfield and walked around there. We ran into another one Mike’s buddies too. After watching the judging and seeing if his buddy won – he took home second place – we headed out and back home. The rest of Saturday night was just relaxing and watching TV while we all were left to fend for ourselves on our own devices.


Sunday has been another relaxing day. We did some more minor cleaning. Mike finally got rid of the mountain of boxes that was in our dining room.  Honestly, we had a hundred boxes just stacked on top of a GIANT box from our grill. So he took care of all that, while I swept the floor and cleaned up after the rest of the mess that was made.

I wrote in my planner for a while. I still have to plan ahead and write in the following days ahead yet. Mike and I just hung out all day today. I put dinner in the slow cooker: Marlboro Man sandwiches.

We just hung out all weekend and it was glorious (to me). Mike was probably bored out of his mind because he’s very much of a go, go, go, person. I wish we would have gotten more cleaning done but that’s alright because I wouldn’t want him to be forced to clean on a weekend off from doing anything.

The boys need me. I’ll end this here. That was my weekend. How was yours?

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2 Responses to “Relaxing Weekend”

  1. Sheri says:

    Sounds great! Sarah and I took the boys to a honey festival, but they got bored. It was exhausting…drive an hour, walk around, drive an hour, all the while listening to fighting and whining. Then grocery shopping, then Sunday was the usual family insanity. I have no idea how I get through these days, but I do.

    • Nikkole says:

      Honey Fest, that sounds great! Boys get bored VERY easily. My sister often comments about the lack of outings and places we go with the boys. Boys just don’t harbor the excitement like girls do. They don’t get giddy or excited over much of anything really, so we simply keep place we go to a bare minimum. No sense in wasting time and money to go places that aren’t going to be appreciated or cared about. Nick stayed home while we went to the car show; Mikhail wasn’t too enthused but went without whining or a single complaint. Nick chooses to stay home 9 times out of 10 now because, well, teenager.

      I bet it’s a big change of pace to have the boys in the house now. A lot of adjusting for everyone but I’m sure you all will adjust and do just fine in no time flat. It’s exhausting have a house full of boys. It really is. But as I once read, the most serious and exhausting times can be stifled by a single fart joke and the sounds of giggles from their cheery faces.

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