I am liking these one word entry titles. Like, describe this entry in ONE word. Hmm, maybe something I might start doing from now on. We’ll see, right?

Please let me take a moment to shout out to my STALKERS! Hi stalkers! I see you, seeing me, creeping, and watching, every single day? Why not leave a comment… you read every single day, why not say something or say hello or whatever? Don’t be shy. I won’t bite.

I really don’t understand why people read blogs every single day and then not say anything to anyone. I’m a pretty friendly person. Your motives seem dishonest to me if you continuously come to my website and not say anything.

I know who you are. I know where you’re from. I have your IP address and what kind of browser you’re using. I know exact times you view my site and how long you’re on it. Just say hi. Leave a comment…

Moving on…

Mike finally arrived yesterday. He was home a little after 2 pm.

We talked for a while. He showed me all the gifts he bought. He gave me my gifts.

Souvenirs from Paris in Las Vegas Coffee Mugs

He bought me two coffee mugs from Paris! He actually made a special trip to Paris specifically for me because I requested it before he left.  He loves me. I absolutely loved them! He told me about them while he was gone but hadn’t showed me what they looked like (they were expertly wrapped) so it was a great surprise when he got home.

The boys also got some things too. He went to M&M World and picked up some M&M Star Wars souvenirs. Here’s their picture with all their stuff.

Souvenirs from M&M World from Las Vegas

They both got travel size mugs that when you push the button it pops open to drink and then you push the tab back in and it closes. He also bought the champagne bottle full of M&M’s just to get the required amount spent so he could get the free Star Wars M&M blanket. The boys were very happy with Daddy’s choice of souvenirs.

Hmm, what else can I talk about?

Mike and I spent some time together yesterday before the boys were home from school. He was exhausted though. He had been up since 2am Vegas time.

He said he missed me so much. Me. All of me. The whole package. He brings such a big smile to my face. He was so absolutely sweet when he came home.

I don’t know long the effects of being away from each other will last when it comes to him being the sweetest guy in the world but I’ll take it for as long as I can get it.

I absolutely love him so much. I always have and always will. Before this trip there was no question for my love for him, after this trip it only confirms it in my so much more.

Finally, I want to say I ordered some more planner stickers. I splurged and got stickers from a shop on Etsy. I won’t say which shop because I don’t want to necessarily bash the shop but this was the second time I was ordering from them. The last time I ordered from them I ordered some shopping carts and laundry baskets. I ended up getting laundry baskets and dishes. I don’t really know how you fuck up dishes and grocery carts but whatever. I contacted her immediately and explained what happened and within another week I got my shopping carts. Score. Free stickers. I thought this was a one time fluke.

Well, I went to order another order from her because she was having a “HUGE SALE”. I ordered vacuum cleaners, dish washers, and crock pots. I ended up getting crock pots, vacuum cleaners, and wash machines – no dish washers. WTF!? So I contact her *again* and explain that she sent me the wrong item with a picture for proof. She said “Oops! I will send those right out to you.” Fine whatever. She corrected the problem. I didn’t say that this was the second time she fucked up my order. I just said it was messed up. I don’t know how she can afford to run a shop and constantly mess up and then hand out free stickers all the time. *shrugs* Here’s the picture of what I got:

planner stickers I received from Etsy shop

As you can see, the far left stickers are red washing machines, not dishwashers. I guess that’s a pretty easy mistake, right? I mean one is silver and one is red…. but they both have ‘washer’ in the name so maybe she just saw washer and picked that one. I have no idea. Either way, I got free wash machine stickers out of it. Mike said, “Well then don’t order from her anymore.” I said I probably wouldn’t, unless I wanted free stickers because this, for now, seems like a pretty for sure thing.

I have a long list of stuff to do today. Including, but not limited to:

  • finish drinking my coffee and watching the news
  • finish writing this blog post and consider writing a blog post for Pixel Hollow … it’s been months since I’ve written there 
  • switch Mike’s laundry and make sure to pull out his jeans and his sweatshirt so don’t dry and shrink those (!!!) Gotta remember
  • put away the dishes in the dishwasher (see, those dishwasher stickers would have came in handy!)
  • do the dishes from last night’s dinner
  • clean up the living room
  • tear down the boxes in the kitchen
  • get Mike’s laundry and take everything upstairs
  • FOLD LAUNDRY upstairs

That about sums it up. I have to finish all that and get it all done today but first COFFEE! I gotta finish my coffee first. That is the first item on the list, isn’t it. lol

I suppose I should grab another cup and finish going through my dailies and get some motivation. Have a good day everyone, including my stalkers. Just comment people!

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