My mother always taught me that in any given situation you can use a pros and cons list. When you’re outweighing almost anything in life pros and cons list can help you decide.

I have been very confident lately. According to my psychiatrist, that’s normalcy, not mania. Huh. News to me. Anyway, I’m experiencing some new normalcy and I’m not used to it. Anyways, about this confidence… I am confident that if I am given a chance to have an interview at my old place of work (DHL), I will be able to get a job. I don’t know at this point if they’re even going to give me the option to do an interview. They could simply say “Pfft, no. She was terrible last time she worked here, we’re not hiring her again.”  I don’t know where this confidence has come from but I am pretty confident that if provided an interview, I can get the job.

So, I’m going to do a brain dump/pros and cons list here on my blog tonight. Here goes nothing:

Pros to working at DHL

  1. more pay! I’ll be making $3 more an hour working at DHL compared to OM
  2. steadier hours and a set schedule
  3. almost guaranteed time off if needed within reason
  4. being able to pack a healthier lunch! With lunch box, lunch bag, and ice pack. (I’m super excited about this one!)
  5. being able to read, color, study my GED book, or work on my planner during downtime (also super excited to be paid to sit there and do whatever!)
  6. office position. Enough said? My joints and such hurt terribly after work each day because of my arthritis. This will be so much easier on me.
  7. Close family of co-workers. That being said, I plan on going in there with the attitude of I’m here to do my job and not make friends. People are much easier to make friends with in an office setting than retail. I am not there to make friends but I’m not going to be some cold-hearted bitch either. I’ll play nice but keep my distance.
  8. Good management. I and the head manager of the call center were pretty tight. I look forward to working with him again.
  9. NO more FACE TO FACE CONTACT! I can sit behind my screen with a headset upon my head and as long as I have a smile on my voice I can frown or roll my eyes. I don’t have to constantly look great to the crabby customer. As long as I sound pleasant that’s all that matters!
  10. A job I understand and totally know what to do. It’s not the easiest job in the world. Hell, it’s five weeks of training with a class of about 30 trainees and I can bet only 10-15 make it through. Not for the weak, however, I know the job and I know it well. I know I can do the job well and to the best of my ability. With my new found confidence and mentality I think I could conquer anything there.
  11. The job is EASY for me.
  12. I probably won’t be puking every single morning I work anymore once the stress and newness of training dies down. I currently throw up every morning when I go to work at OM.
  13. No more working with youngins that have NO sense of professionalism.
  14. Did I say, I’ll be making $3/hr more!? I mean c’mon!
  15. I’ll feel so much more comfortable in an office setting than in a retail setting.
  16. NO UNIFORM! Jeans and a hoodie every day.
  17. That includes no work shoes either.
  18. Much calmer, happier Nik. Hopefully.
  19. So much more money to spend! That would give us a lot to play around with for a trip to Disney we’re planning in October.
  20. I could have opportunity to get back in to couponing if I were to bring my coupon binder into work and organize it there.

Ok. I’m just making stuff up now. I’ll end this list here for now.

Cons to working at DHL

    1. 8 am – 1 pm Training class:
      Pros: – Get in early, get out early.
      – Kids will be in school while I’m at work
      – I’m more of an AM person than I am a PM person
      – I’ll be more equipped to working with people I’ll be working with once I start my normal shift
      – Easier to stick to the schedule
      – I’ll still be home plenty early enough to get dinner cooked, homework done, and any shopping I might need to do also
      Cons: – Mike will have to rearrange his schedule for me to leave that early and for him to get Mikhail on the bus
      – It lasts five weeks so Mike will have to change his schedule for those five weeks
    2. 4:30pm – 9:30pm Training Class:
      Pros: – If the boys are out of school, I don’t have to worry about covering for them (this is especially true if I end up in the March training class and the boys are home for spring break during that week and a half.)
      – No worries about Mike rearranging his schedule
      Cons: – I will have to get Mikhail off the bus, immediately cook him something to hold him over until Mike is home when Mike will have to do homework and cook dinner after he’s worked a hard day at work. (NOT IDEAL!)
      – I am NOT a PM person anymore. I’m exhausted by 8 pm let alone working until 9:30 pm and then coming home to ‘unwind’ then be expected to wake up with the boys for school the next day.
      – I will have to rely on Mike to do EVERYTHING for back to school, homework, showers, lunches, snacks, cook dinner, clean up dinner. HA. HA. HA! I just cannot picture him doing all of that.
      – I will have to adjust to new hours once I start my actual schedule once training is over.
      – This means training and being with new people I’m not used to being with once starting morning hours five weeks of training at either 8 am or 4:30 pm — if I work at 8 am and do the morning class, Mike will have to rearrange his schedule to get Mikhail on the bus and then leave for work while I’m already at work. If I work in the afternoon class, I’ll have to do the second shift. Which I don’t want to do, nor do I think will work for me. I’ll have to worry about an equal amount of nonsense no matter which shift I work. This has a separate pros and cons list.

    I suppose that’s quite a bit of CONS but it’s all training related and I already knew that training would be difficult.

  1. I am going to have to think about when I put in my two weeks notice at OM and then begin DHL. This is completely out of my controls I don’t know when or if I will be interviewed then offered the position. I don’t know when and if I will be in the Feb. or March training class. I would prefer the Feb. class as Mikhail and Nick have spring break in March and I already have appointments lined up for March. This will all have to be determined.


So, the verdict is we have 2 cons and 20 pros. Guess we know who won for that. I believe the morning class won also. And starting in the February class would be the most beneficial.

So, here’s the most ideal timeline:

  • Apply last week of December when application goes live
  • Hear back from DHL within 1-2 weeks (1-2 weeks in to January)
  • Hopefully get the interview and ultimately the job.
  • Get offered to start in the February training class
  • Immediately put in my two week notice at OM
  • Finish week 3-4 at OM in Jan.
  • Start work at DHL in February

That’s cutting it really close but I am hoping that it all works out that way. There’s a lot of variables that could go wrong.

I am hoping and praying everything works out the best they can. *Crossing fingers*

I’m tired now so I’m going to end this here. My brain is finally clear.

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  1. Sheri says:

    Sounds good to me! Braindumps/lists are always excellent for mind clearing. Normalcy is a weird state to get used to after abnormalcy has been one’s usual M.O. It’s a good thing.

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