A few years ago, I wrote on my blog that I would no longer have “New Years Resolutions” but instead of “Proposed Accomplishments”. I truly feel if I write down that it’s a resolution it just simply won’t get done. It’s like setting myself up for disaster without even trying. We set the bar really high for ourselves when we do our new years resolutions, don’t we? That’s why a few years ago I changed my New Years Resolutions to be my Proposed Accomplishments. Proposed Accomplishments to me are things I want to try to accomplish and complete throughout the new year. I have history of writing as few as three or as many as 26 in one year. It really all depends on what I want to set myself out to do. Some years are more successful than others. I think my best year was completing 6 out of 8 of my proposed accomplishments. I set myself up to do something and I actually accomplished most of them including a big one – quitting smoking. I have had lots of ideas for bettering myself throughout the years. Some accomplishments have been on my list from the beginning – losing weight and I just can’t seem to get it right.

Things are different this year. I will write a few things down that I would like to work on this year. I write them as proposed accomplishments instead of resolutions to say that if I complete them, great. If I don’t, then I’m NOT going beat myself up over it like I do every year. In the previous years I have gone as far as writing updates for my Proposed Accomplishments every three months. I’m not entirely sure I’m going to do that again this year simply because when I reflect on what I haven’t done more often throughout the year I tend to set myself up for more of a self beating. Eh, we’ll see how it goes this year.

Here are the few things that I’d like to accomplish for 2016. I’m writing this strictly for my own purposes to have a hard copy so I can look back further down the year and reflect.

– No losing weight accomplishment this year … I want to learn to love myself for who I am. I would love to look at myself in the mirror and accept who I am as a whole. If I manage to lose some weight – great! If I don’t, I would love to accept who I am as a person inside and out and be happy with who I am.

– Be a kinder person. I want to be kind, kinder than I have been in the past. I want to talk less shit. Yell less at the boys and in people’s ears when they’re on the phone… get overly excited when something upsets or bothers me. I over all want to be a kinder, gentler person.

– Keep up on housework. This is an overall pretty easy one as long as I live next to Lynn anyway. I haven’t been doing much at all since being sick and Mikhail has been sick but I’m doing the best I can and everyone knows that. I want to write a routine and stick with it. I want to get in to the habit of doing stuff every single day. Whether that’s a new habit each week or whatever.

– I want to continue to document everything I do that is important in my planner. This is another easy one. I want to ensure that I document everything in my planner. Appointments, days I’ve taken my certain medication, when Mike and I spend one on one time together, etc. I have some pretty cute stickers to help me out with this. This also includes writing in my expense budget and grocery budget each month. This also means staying within my grocery budget EACH month with little struggling. 

– Blog when needed. I think this covers all bases when it comes to my website. I want to blog on EA when my heart is low and I need to get stuff off my chest. I want to post on PH when I have things I want to share with friends and family. I want build up FH and get that going with much more content and share like crazy. I especially want to build up my FH posts. So this is a big one for me. (Right now with everything going on, the holidays, the endless illness this seems SO completely daunting.)

I suppose that’s all I can think of right now. I guess that’s a good list to start, right? I will not cross anything off my list until I feel as though I’ve adequately earned the cross off. I feel pretty good about this list. I am going to do  little things each week to build myself up to doing these tasks.

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