I contemplated writing this yesterday but decided to wait until I had my coffee, some music, some time without any interruptions, and a clear mind. I think I prefer it this way. I like writing while the boys are either at school or while they’re in bed. I can concentrate so much more. I also notice I can concentrate more with music on; this boggles my mind.

Nick’s Progress

Nick is making some headway in his endeavors to work harder at school. He told me on Wednesday his science teacher paid him a compliment about how well he was paying attention and on how organized he was. Thursday, he emailed the lady who works with the iPads and informed her that iMovie was back on his iPad when it shouldn’t have been. She said he was incredibly responsible for telling them. He also received two blue slips from his science teacher and from another teacher for making some improvements. I forgot to tell him how proud I was at his progress. I did inform him that I was very happy to hear that he was changing his leaf and that he should continue to keep it up. It’s only four days in to his grounding and I must say he is learning (slowly but surely).

I haven’t had the opportunity to really see any graded papers since grounding him. On Monday there were a few worksheets from math that were missing and we worked on those. He informed me that IXL wasn’t opening for him and he couldn’t log in to do the worksheet. I told him he had to tell the math teacher of it not working and that’s why he couldn’t complete the assignment. I’m not positive he did this but I really hope he used some responsibility and did. I’ll email him and ask. [Done] I hope to see some more pages and assignments corrected and graded so I can see how things have turned around this week.

I wrote about this on Facebook and commented on how “Something’s working.” A good friend of mine told me that that “something” is good parenting.  If you read this, thanks love. I always need reminders that what I’m doing is right. I think our progress can be accounted for for quite a few things, Nick’s readiness to get off grounding, my consistency to be quick to be on top of things, and everyone’s working hard towards making this all work.

Keep up the good work, Nick. I know you have it in you to do great things!

We have a therapy appointment on the 24th of November. It seems like years away because we have so much to talk about. I should have took in to consideration that it was Nick’s birthday and the cause was very probable about Matt calling/seeing Nick. Then again, I really didn’t think it was that probable because he hadn’t contacted us for a whole year. Anyway, we scheduled the appointment out by over a month and I couldn’t get him in sooner. He has a lot to say to the therapist. I just hope he can hold off until the 24th. I know not seeing Matt and talking to him is helping. Soon buddy, we will get you there and you’ll be able to sort through your emotions.

Getting Ready For The Weekend

This weekend is Halloween. We plan on going Trick Or Treating over in our new neighborhood instead of by my Dad’s. The last couple of years over in my dad’s neighborhood have been pretty crappy. We normally walk up the blocks, crossing the road, and zig-zagging across the road to each house that has their light on because there are so few houses participating. We can normally get up and down a total of 16 blocks in about two hours time doing it this way. Our main goal was the soda house. There was a house towards the end of the route that the guy gives away name-brand sodas to all the kids. The kids loved it. Usually we got to his house and determined whether or not we’d go further to close out the time or just start heading back towards Grandpa’s. It just became… too few in between. There was a lot of crossing the road, which isn’t the safest.

Anyway, we’re going Trick or Treating in our new neighborhood where Mike used to go as a kid. He knows the subdivision well so we shouldn’t have any issues. I’ll be sure to take pictures but Mikhail is being a Youtuber’s GTA character (does that make sense?) and Nick is being Quicksilver from the Avengers. Nick’s costume was a pain in the ass to figure out! He first wanted to be an Arcader from the movie Pixels, but they only had one size fits all adult costume. That would have never fit him. Then he suggested being two different characters from the Mortal Kombat game. Well those both came in standard sized costumes too.  Ugh. So then he suggested Quicksilver. We were going to look around at stores for a similar shirt but Nick wanted something exact and there was no way we’d find that – or was there? I looked online and ended up finding an exact shirt. He said he’d wear some sweat pants and his shoes and then just needed some white hair spray dye for his hair. We got the shirt in record time and it fit him well so there, that was done. We just needed the hair spray. We looked at Walmart and Target and found silver but he was being the Avenger’s character, not the Marvel’s character. The Avenger’s character had bleach blonde hair with dark roots. I did some searching and ended up finding blonde highlight spray. I don’t know if it’s going to be light enough but I really hope it is. *shrugs* Guess we will see come Saturday, huh? They should have a good time.

Miscellaneous Brain Dump

Time for that randomness that makes me who I am. Time to dump my brain and just write about the random stuff that is going on that don’t need entire sections.

  • Lynn and George should be coming home tomorrow. They’ve been in Walt Disney World for the past two weeks. The boys miss them a lot and also miss the cat that Lynn recently had gotten. We couldn’t really play with the cat while they were gone because we didn’t want to piss off Mike’s brother who was home. So, I kept the kids at home and not over there to take care of the cat while they were gone. They’ll be happy to see them home.
  • I went in yesterday to get my dentures adjusted. It feels 3000 times better now. The lower partial was too deep underneath my tongue and would dig/cut in to my tongue. He cut it all the way up to the front for me. I had one other spot on the top, left, back that was digging in and cutting me. He shaved that down a little bit but didn’t want to go too far because he said it would screw with my suction. He did it just enough that it wasn’t digging in anymore! Although this doctor sucks for being timely and respectable to his patients, he does his work well. I’m grateful it’s all taken care of now and I have my new teeth!
  • I’ve been cleaning most of the morning. I did the dishes, emptied the dishwasher, cleaned up the kitchen over all, vacuumed the floor, cleaned up the living room, and did some other miscellaneous cleaning. Our entire house was cleaned this past weekend – Mike helped me clean. Mike might be getting off work early today! Woo hoo! I just need to finish up this blog and finish cleaning up the house.
  • I want to start coloring again. I bought a new book and have barely colored in it. I’ll post some pictures pretty soon.

I guess that’s all I have to say. Gonna get off the phone with my mom and clean up the rest of the house.


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