So, my productivity has been at a new high. Much higher than it has been the past few years … that is with saying this … I’m really productive on my computer. Now that I have a new laptop that I can type with much easier and more efficiently, I have been getting a ton done, on my computer. So what have I done?

I have transferred all photos and music to my new hard drive. I got almost all of my programs transferred and installed. The only two programs I couldn’t get to work was CuteFTP which just won’t run for some reason, and Paint Shop Pro which I have a disk for but I don’t have a disk drive on this laptop. I’m going to have to rebuy PSP and buy the newest version and get the digital download. I don’t know how or when I’ll do that but I don’t need either right now. I haven’t changed my layout on EA in a long time. I have done some editing and tweaking but I can easily do that using WordPress’ interface and not CuteFTP. I just found using CuteFTP was easier to manage for files and stuff. Maybe I’ll look for a legal version of the program and just buy it – someday. For now, I don’t need it.

So, what else have I gotten done? I have watched a lot, let me restate that, I have watched a lot of Youtube videos about budgeting, grocery shopping, finances, etc. There are three people in particular that I’ve watched.

Jordan Page at

Pennies into Pearls

Simple Wife Simple Life

After watching these videos on their channels, I decided to redo a few things in my own finances, budget, and grocery amounts.

Now, there was very little I could change around due to being unemployed right now. Once, and when, I have a job again, there will be some big changes happening to my grocery budget, finances, etc.

I was going to break down my entire budget with you because I’m really proud of how I’m making all this work without working. Let’s just say my expenses are $24 more than my monthly income. I have over $1300 in savings. $1000 of that is strictly for my emergency fund (which is Baby Step #1 – See Dave Ramsey) Baby step #2 is getting out of debt. Well, I cannot get out of debt until I have a job so that’s going to be put on hold. I am literally just trying to stay afloat. So my expenses exceed my income by $24 per month. This is simple. I can easily adjust my non-consumables expense or even my grocery expense per month and balance this out to $0. I guessed my non-consumable amount so that number very well can be very high. I assumed that I spent approximately $30 a week on non-consumables. *shrugs* I don’t know if that’s actually what it is. So, I might be within my numbers completely. High or low, I’m good. It’s tight but I’m good.

Christmas is done. We shopped and the boys are taken care of. I will need to buy one or more items for my Mom’s family Christmas but that’s in January.

So, break it down, I have about five more checks coming in for December. I’m a month ahead on my bills. I have one bill left to pay but that will be easy payment and will not be highly affected.

I’m doing alright, guys.

Once I get a job, I’ll reconfigure everything and start paying off my debt.

Part of me kinda wishes that some other job did call me and that I did start over new somewhere else and that I can prove to myself and everyone else that I can be successful no matter what the situation is. I feel like although DHL is comfortable, and I know it well, and I’ve done it (will be my 4th time) now. I hate that when I fill out job applications the only job history I have is 3 different times at DHL and Office Max because I don’t include my two jobs prior to that because they were so short lived.

I’m super proud of myself for sitting down and figuring all this money out. I’m not using my credit cards anymore – oh, except for paying for Mikhail’s down payment on his braces, that shit is going on a credit card. After that, it will be pay off and debt relief from here on out. I have my snowball debt relief plan in place for when I do find a steady income and have a job again.

I don’t know. I’ve been talking about this nonstop the past few days to my Mom because she’s the only one that pays half-ass attention to what I have to say. I’m just SO PROUD OF MYSELF for figuring it all out and doing it on so little. Then again, I lived off $237 a month for over seven years. A job will come along. I’ll figure out income and I’ll get work. If it means working at a job that I dislike, then I guess so be it. I’m going to give DHL another chance,  should they take me back. They may have promised that I will always have a job at DHL but that could have been bull shit being spewed just like them not knowing whether or not I’d have a job the day I left before vacation and then what happens, the next day they called me to inform me I didn’t. Will they take me back? I have no idea. I kinda wish someone else would call me before they do and snag me first because I am a catch, dammit. I am a good worker and I perfect almost everything I ever have done.

Ok, I’m rambling. I am going to end this here. Nick’s at Teen Center and I got a really weird text from him while he was there and he hasn’t responded to me so I am kinda a basket case right now. So, until next time when I want to be real again.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I think it’s great you are working so hard on this! Keep it up!!
    I hope all is good with Nick. <3

  2. Brandy says:

    I had no idea that PaintShop Pro was still around these days. I got PSP7 on disc years and years ago, but I’ve converted over to PhotoShop since owning a Mac. It’s definitely hard work moving over to a new computer. I struggle even when I’m reformatting my HD and have to restore everything when I’m done.

    Kudos to you for managing your money so well. I’m envious. I’ve just started back to work after being out on medical leave for a month and I’m already in panic mode for being behind. I admire you. <3

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