Well, I did it. I had my surgery. It’s all said and done and put behind me now.

We went to the hospital around 8:30 yesterday morning. We got checked in and I changed into my gown. The anesthesiologist came in first and talked to me and said he’d wait for the IV until it was closer to time. The nurse came in and made sure I was comfortable. Then my doctor came in and explained exactly what it was that she was doing. She looked at Mike and said, “She’s serious. She came in and she’s serious about getting this done. There’s not talking it out of her”, in a joking way. She said they were going to try to get me in there early. Well, I didn’t get in early. I was taken back around 11 am. I was put under and in the operating room until around 12:30 pm. In recovery until 1-1:30, and back to my room before 2. Mike welcomed me there. I was in and out of sleep most of the time. I tried really hard to just stay up and get moving around because I wanted out of there immediately. I drank a bunch of water and then a soda because I was really nauseated. The nurse had my discharge papers ready and pictures for me to take him (woo hoo!). I requested that she help me to the bathroom and she said I was already checking things off the requirements to go home and that I should be out of there soon.

We left around 3:30 and headed to Starbucks, which is what I requested. We got home at 4pm. I wasn’t really sore where they did the work but I was REALLY sore on my shoulders. You see, they filled my pelvic with gas to be able to see and that’s what I feel the most. The gas pushes up in my abdomen and that pushes on the nerves that are attached to my shoulders. So my shoulders were the sorest and tender last night.  Today I mainly feel it in my shoulders and in my abdomen. I’m really tender to the touch. I have had my trusty heating pad on them all day. I ate some breakfast – which I never, ever do – and took a Vicodin around 7am and by 9 I was laying down and taking a short nap. The phone rang and woke me up so that was short lived. I’m making myself a pot pie now and hoping to be able to eat that.

Sometime this evening I’m hoping to get a shower in to get my Oompa Loompa looking ass non-orange (from the iodine).

Overall, I’m doing alright. I’m moving around like a ninety-year-old woman who just had hip surgery but overall I’m doing alright. Just really tender and sore in places. Mike’s like Babe, they burned your insides…. You’re going to be sore!

I just wanted to update you that I’m alright and living. I’ll post more when I’m up to it.

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