One of my newest hobbies, lifestyles, or well, obsessions is “sweeping” or entering sweepstakes. I enter online sweepstakes every single day. Most of the time I think of it as a hobby; other times I think it’s a lot more than that. Hobbies you tend to do every now and then; without fail, I will enter sweepstakes every single day. I enter roughly 100-150 every day. No matter what, unless I’m out of town where the internet is not accessible.

I have written an article “I Enter Sweepstakes for a Living and a Hobby” so if you’re interested in finding out more, please go ahead and read that first. I have won a LOT of sweepstakes. I think I’m going to start taking pictures of all the win’s I physically receive. It’s one thing to see screen-shots of the screen(which can also been found in the above article) saying “Congratulations You’re a Winner” but it’s another to actually see someone with the win’s in their possessions.I have won a lot of sweepstakes in my day. I’m going to start posting some of the most recent sweepstakes wins here. These will probably consist of the “big wins” more so than the little every day things.

“Big Wins” – Wins that needed an affidavit to be filled out usually value is $500+.

  1. A trip to one Pro Bowl College Football game in the Sponsor’s choice of city including hotel, airfare, $300 spending cash, transportation, and tickets to the Pro Bowl game. ARV:$3,510 — There was an option to take $1000 instead of the trip; we ultimately took the money due to the fact that the trip was during Christmas. Won in December 2009. [Read more about my win and what I spent it on here: “http://eternalamour.com/i-won-a-sweepstakes-this-is-what-i-got/“]
  2. Bose Home Entertainment Theater System & Sony Blu Ray Player – I won the grand prize to Time Warner Cable’s HD Holiday giveaway. ARV: 2,300 I accepted this prize and will be receiving it soon. Won in January 2010.
  3. Invitation to the Marlboro Ranch in Bozeman, Montana – I received an email saying I was invited for an all inclusive trip of a lifetime. Myself and a guest will be attending the Marlboro Ranch for four days, three nights in July 2010. The trip is all inclusive – food, drinks, plane tickets, activities, $750 check, etc. There is so much included in this trip. I’ve heard amazing things about it and I cannot wait until we go. I’m definitely going to blog all about it! ARV: 4,650

Us “sweepers” all have our wish lists of wins that we want to get. We wouldn’t enter them every single day if we didnt’ really want them. There are a lot of things that I enter for all the time that I honestly refuse to pay money for now that I know I have the chance to win them via a sweepstakes. Yes, the odds are low, but my odds are still good. Mike always wanted a home theater system but never could bring himself to spend the money on buying one. We won one and now we have it without worrying about the price. Here are a few things I am trying extremely hard to win right now.

Sweepstakes Prizes I’d Like to Win

  • MacBook Pro No longer want one. 
  • Cricut Expression
  • Nintendo DS or DSi bought one
  • Home Theater System for Mike won from Time Warner Cable  in January 2010
  • Wii Fit Bought one. 
  • Bigger TV
  • Bed and/or Bedroom set bought one
  • Living room set
  • Trip to Vegas
  • Trip to Disney
  • New appliances new apartment, no longer need.
  • Netbook bought new laptop with $500 cash win.
  • HE Washer & Dryer  Can no longer use at our new place.
  • Clothes Gift Cards and/or shopping sprees at a department store
  • Fit Bit
  • Expresso Machine  No longer want. 
  • HD Flip Cam
  • Amazon gift card for all the items on my wishlist there
  • TV for the kids bought one
  • Tablet PC (not an iPad)