Mike got the official word yesterday, while at work, that he will be going to Vegas on Wednesday. He still needs his plane ticket, rental car and all that jazz set up yet but it’s official, he’s leaving to go to Vegas for sure. He will be gone a week. He more than likely will be going by himself.

I explained to my mom that he had some stuff that he was going to have to get done this weekend so he’ll be coming and going on Saturday during the party. She was OK with this. He has a lot to figure out before then. His dad comes back from Vegas this week so hopefully they can touch base with each other and get their notes all gathered and spoken to one another before Mike leaves.

The first time I thought he was going to Vegas, I freaked out. Then I found out he more than likely wasn’t going, I chilled out for a while. Then I found out he was going for sure, and this time I’m a little more calmer. Mike might not say I am but I believe I am.

So we’ll see what happens with that.

Mom and I went shopping and got everything ready for tomorrow. We got more gifts to put under the tree. That was fun. I think everything I helped picked out will be a good pick. I hope the pajamas fit for Sarah and Krystal but other than that everyone should like their gifts from Mom.

I cleaned most of the house. I got everything done but the living room which will probably be done tomorrow because it’s where the boys migrate most and mess up most.

I suppose I just wanted to quickly update all one of you about what was going on. Wish me luck with one full week without Mike.

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