Shortly after I wrote my last entry I started to get an ear ache. It progressively got worse throughout the day. Lynn told me “Take some tylenol and be done with it.” So I took some and nothing happened. Mike came home for lunch and told me to go in. I told him I didn’t want an antibiotic because I get really shitty side effects from side effects. He basically was like, well when you go deaf, I don’t want to hear about it. *sigh* Fine! I went to the doctor.

He looked in my ear and goes “Whoa! That’s immensely infected.” He gave me a different antibiotic that shouldn’t have too many side effects towards me and then gave me pills for if the side effects happen.

I have three auto immune diseases and my body does weird things when it’s on an antibiotic. It has something to do with my body’s antibodies start fighting the good cells while fighting off the bad ones, or some dumb shit.

Anyway, I was in pain all day Thursday and started my antibiotic Thursday night.

Friday came with no relief. I was in pain and there was nothing helping it. I was taking tylenol and ibuprofen on the clock every four hours. I had to figure out something because the boys’ dance was that night. Ugh! I was not looking forward to listening to ridiculously loud music and screaming children all night. Well, that was what I was in for.

I ended up taking a nap that afternoon. I woke up with my ear now clogged, in pain, and ringing. Fucking awesome. It was hours until the dance and I had no relief.

Long story short, we went to the dance. I was miserable the entire time. We wound up spending a total of $73 but we got

  • (4) Admirals hockey tickets to any game (valued at $58)
  • $40 Red Robin gift card
  • a $50-60 trick scooter (from purchasing 12 raffle tickets)
  • (2) very large pieces of pizza
  • (2) cans of soda
  • a light up ring

We participated in the silent auction and won a prize pack which is how we got the hockey tickets and the gift card. Lynn told me to purchase raffle tickets and she’d give us the money for them and Mikhail won the scooter he wanted.

I have pictures but I’m just too lazy to get them right now. Sorry.

Skip ahead to this morning… Mike had to work. I took Mikhail to basketball by myself. I have pictures of that too. Once again, I’m too lazy and far too hot headed with irritation to bother doing that.

Mike came home around 11:30 am. I walked out the door and headed to urgent care again. I was in an intense amount of pain and nothing was relieving me. I needed drops.

I went to the Urgent Care that was a little further away because I figured it would be faster. There was no online reserve for saving your spot and it didn’t list a wait time which told me it would be a quick in-and-out. How wrong was I! I arrived around 12 and sat in the waiting room for about 30-40 minutes. I finally got taken to a room. Then something happened that some person needed to be transferred from the Urgent Care to the ER. I ended up waiting and waiting. The doctor finally came in and questioned why I couldn’t take a certain antibiotic. When I explained to her my auto immune disease she said, “I have that and I have never heard of that before! I’ll have to ask my doctor about that!”

She then questioned how I could possibly have a 9 level of pain, which she explained would be “almost the worst pain I ever experienced in my life.” She took one look in my ear and knew exactly why. “Oh! OH! That is REALLY infected.” She explained I had an inner ear infection and that my outer ear was very severely infected too. I’ll save you the gory details but she said it was pretty gross in there. She prescribed me drops and sent me on my way.

I went to the pharmacy immediately and found out they didn’t have any in stock so sent me to another pharmacy but didn’t want to tell me if they had it or would fill it and would call me back. I came home and talked to Mike for about 5 minutes when I found out it would be ready at a different pharmacy. I left again and went to that one but found out they sent it to the wrong one! I had to wait another 15 minutes for it to be transferred and ready.

I didn’t end up walking in the door, get my drops in, and sit down to relax on the couch until 3:55 pm. Jesus.

Mike left to go hang out with his friends for tonight. I got frozen pizzas for the boys. It’s going to be a laid back tonight. I don’t have much more to write about so I’ll end this here. I pray these antibiotics start working ASAP.

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