Well, I’ve completed reading about 85% of my old entries up until a few months ago; I skipped over those. I read almost everything and I feel… different. I feel like I can let go. I feel like I can start over. There was a lot of darkness and things I’m not proud of that were said. I also decided that it was best that some things were left to be never said or seen. So, I did it; I deleted all 595 entries. This is going to be my first public entry. The first time in probably three years that I will have a public entry on EA.

I am hoping that writing publicly again will make me in to a better person. Instead of judging or feeling the way I have I guess I am going to just start burying my true feelings and becoming a better person. This might back fire and I might explode but whatcha gonna do. I’d rather no one ever read some of the darkness I wrote about.

So here is to new beginnings. Welcome to my blog. Feel free to comment. I plan on writing my goals, lifestyle, thoughts, and wishes here. I am going to not necessarily sugar coat stuff but I’m also going to try to change my own outlook on how I see things and people now.

I am not making this blog public through a search on Google. I am unchecking the box to make that possible. It’s ultimately up to Google to decide if my blog shows or not on a search feed but it won’t purposely show up on there.

I plan on advertising on Twitter again. I plan on getting friends on Twitter again. This is all new to me. I have written privately for so long. I cannot let anyone know what I was or how dark I gotten. Sure a lot of it was my disease talking but I cannot blame my Bipolar Disorder for my actions. I must own up to what I said and I decided to delete that history.

Hope to meet some new people, have some new friends, and enjoy this new change. I’ll be writing as much as I feel needed for my ups and downs, good days and bad days.

Thanks for reading.

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