Happy Halloween everyone! I’d like to say today was a productive day but it really, really wasn’t. It started off pretty laid back. We all hung out and did our own thing until the afternoon. We even ate at our own leisure. I didn’t have to cook (anything major) for anyone. We told the boys the likelihood of them going trick or treating was very slim. It was cold and had been raining all day. I then dealt with very crabby boys. Mike was crabby because the boys had attitudes. The boys had attitudes because they went through all this trouble to figure out a costume and now they weren’t even going to be able to wear them. Plus, NO CANDY! I promised them that I’d pick up some candy in the next few days. Mike redid Mikhail’s bed so now it’s not a loft bed but a regular bed but now has a canopy. Mikhail was pleased with this. They were all still very crabby.

The time was almost near… Trick or Treating was at 4 pm. The rain had died down. I got the boys ready. I was planning on taking them regardless of what Mike said or did. The only problem was I had NO idea where I was going or what I was doing. We live in a new neighborhood. He knew the subdivision that we would be going to because he went to it as a kid. Well after getting the boys ready, Mike was finally willing to go around 4:30.

We mapped out our route and Mike dropped us off. We headed to the first few houses. Something the boys had realized was that the houses were much more spread out than what we were used to at the old neighborhood. They also had to do some extra walking to walk up the block, around to the driveway, and down the walkway to the door. We went down the first few blocks hit the cul de sac and then turned around and headed down the other blocks. We made it about four or five blocks, give or take some, and Mikhail said he couldn’t go any more. He was done. He was pleased with how much candy he got which was quite a bit since most of the houses were telling the boys to take ‘full handfuls of candy’ because we honestly saw maybe five families out. We only had approximately 30-40 houses left in our route and we were only out until around 5:30. It went until 7 so we had plenty of time to go but the boys were pooped.

Here’s a photo of the boys in their costumes before we left:


Mikhail was H20 Delirious ‘ GTA character and Nick was Quicksilver from Avengers. We had sprayed Nick’s hair with colored spray hoping that the ‘blonde’ color would be light enough to look like bleach blonde like the Quicksilver in the movie – however, it was nothing close. It was so strong! The fumes were horrible. I got sick to my stomach smelling them.

Trick or Treating was a success. The boys got quite a bit of candy and they were happy they had the chance to go. I knew they weren’t going to last too long going this year. I went through all their candy and picked out a few of my favorites too. It really worked out because Mikhail got a lot of his favorites – Kit Kats. Nick got a lot of his favorites – Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.

Afterward we drove to Starbucks because Mike had a taste for a Salted Caramel Mocha Frappe. I got myself a venti White Chocolate Mocha. Mikhail begged us for Papa Murphy’s and Mike asked if we should go get dinner from there. I agreed. I didn’t have anything pulled out for dinner and I really didn’t feel like doing massive cooking. We got our food and came home.

Lynn and George (Mike’s parents) will be coming home tonight. They were on a two week long vacation at Walt Disney World. The boys wanna stay up to greet them. I’m not sure they’re going to make it but we’ll see.

Gotta keep them busy until they come home. So until next time…

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