Conferences were this week. Mikhail’s teacher requested that we don’t have a conference for this semester. I requested from her that she, at least, updates me with a progress report on how things are going via e-mail or the phone. I’m giving her until after spring break to contact me. Overall, Mikhail is doing really well. I know this much. She probably wanted to focus on the students that were still really far behind. I figured after spring break is plenty of time for her to get all of her grades and conferences figured out for her other students. If I don’t hear from her by Tuesday or Wednesday after spring break, I’ll email or call her. I think that’s more than fair. I want to hear Mikhail’s progress regardless if he’s doing good or bad. I mean, I don’t believe conferences are just for people or students who are doing poorly in school.

Nick had his conferences on Tuesday. Those went pretty well. First, I talked to his ex-social studies teacher/math support teacher. I wanted her opinion before getting the opinion of his math teacher, for whom I don’t care for. She gave me only 2-3 minutes to talk because she was taking me early before her other parents came. I basically asked, “How is Nick doing in your class? Do you notice he’s doing well or alright in math?” She said he knew exactly what he needed to do and how to do it but he is so overly confident in all his work that he’s rushing through everything, then getting it wrong. She said that when she’d correct the paper with him and she’d mark things wrong he would be like, “that’s wrong?” and either plays stupid or play it off as unimportant. She said she would make the other students do whatever other work they needed to do and do a one-on-one session with Nick. I said that was fair enough and we went on our merry way.

Next up was his science teacher, who I had to wait to see after about fifteen minutes. We talked for a while and she said some pretty wonderful things about Nick. I explained his medication change and she was really perplexed by that. She was like, “Huh. You know, that really makes a lot of sense. Last semester us teachers used to talk about Nick all the time and this semester we barely ever speak about him!” She said it made complete sense that things have changed and now that it was pointed out to her she really sees it. I asked if the iPad was a problem anymore and she said that it absolutely wasn’t! She said things have really turned around and Nick is on track with what he needs to do. She did, however, say that Nick is an A student, he’s just not reaching in for that true potential. She said that with a little extra work at home, he could be an A student. She was also a little upset we didn’t push to retake the quiz he failed in her class. I told her we have been so focused on math that it really slid past us. I excused myself so I could get to the next teacher.

His next teacher was for language arts. She was running extremely far behind. I was 4:15 pm slot and she just got around to 4pm spots when I walked up. She cranked those people out though really quickly and it was my turn. I sat down and she barely talked about Nick’s grade or work progress. I explained the med change to her. She said that his science teacher was very smart because they really haven’t talked about Nick all semester long, unlike last semester. She was very interested in the med change and even wrote down notes for herself to remember that Nick was now taking “Concerta” and that he has had some changes. She wanted to look at his papers from the first semester to the second. She was almost excited about it. Our conference was short and sweet and I moved on to the dreaded one.

The math teacher … he’s not the nicest person if he doesn’t like you. He just comes off as a jerk (I have harsher words, but I’ll keep them to myself). I sat down and started the conference on my terms. “As you know, Nick has brought his grade up from an F to a C this semester. I feel that should be recognized. He’s improving and he really is working hard. Unfortunately, I was aware he received a 58% on his retake quiz, which is still failing, but at least, he tried to get it up. We did a lot of work on our part at home to work on practicing for that test but unfortunately, there was something on the quiz that is making him fail.” He explained nothing but negative things. He said that Nick’s penmanship is awful and he’s constantly rushing through everything and ‘cutting corners’. I agreed with him that he needed to stop rushing through everything. That was the extent of it. There was a little more to it than that but honestly, I didn’t write notes as to what was said, and I don’t remember word-for-word what was said either.

Overall, Nick did great at his conferences. His grades are up for the most part. He is passing everything. All of that can change with just one grade but right now he’s doing well. I’m proud of him and have expressed my proud Mama duck attitude towards him. He’s doing well! I can simply thank Concerta for that. I cannot wait until next Thursday when he has a doctor’s appointment to do a med check up. I am going to tell his doctor about all the progress he has made simply by being put on this medication.

So, the boys are doing well. I’m really proud of them. They are pretty excellent kids, even though I get frustrated with them at times. 

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