This was going to be a trip report. I had an entire subdomain for writing a trip report. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep track of what we did every single day in a notebook like I typically do so instead of a trip report you’re going to get a rundown of what we did each day with maybe one or two of my best pictures from that day.  This post is going to be fairly long. If you want to see all my photos check out my Facebook page (linked at the bottom of this page).

Very quickly I’m going to make a key of who is who in this post:

Mike – my fiance and partner in crime
Nick – my 14-year-old teenage son
Mikhail – my 8-year-old son
Lynn – Mike’s mom, my future mother-in-law
George – Mike’s dad, my future father-in-law
Matt – Mike’s brother
Mackenzie – Matt’s girlfriend
Aunt Cheryl – Mike’s aunt, Lynn’s sister
Uncle Jeff – Mike’s uncle, Lynn’s brother-in-law
Great Grandma K – Mike’s grandmother
Aunt Ruth – Great Grandma K’s twin sister

Friday, October 20th, 2017

Today was the day we were leaving! We woke up at 3 a.m. and got ready to go to the airport. The boys woke up fairly easily and we were on our way. To save money, we all rode down in George’s van. After about two hours of going through everything and taking care of business, we were sitting at our gate, ready to board the plane. Nick was nervous but he was being a champ. It was the boys first time flying.

Around 10 a.m. Florida time, we arrived. We hopped on a bus and made our way to Walt Disney World for the next nine days. We drove to our home away from home – Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground and Cabins. We checked in. The boys played checkers in the lobby while we waited and Mike gave me his sweatshirt and headed on his way to find our rental car place by himself. We got our site and walked the distance from the front of the campground to about a mile or two away to our campsite. We phoned the guys who had our rental camper for the week and they were ready and willing to set up for us right away. By the time we got there, they were already setting up. George, Matt, Mackenzie, and the boys walked to the store and ended up getting food at the pool’s snack bar. Lynn and I stayed back and hung out. Once the camper guys were completed we checked out our new temporary home. Mike arrived with our new ride for the week (the red car in the picture to the right) and everyone just relaxed for a little while. Mike and I ended up jumping in the car and going to the poolside snack bar to grab some food too. We ended up getting loaded nachos with bbq pork. It was delicious. The boys wanted to play on the playground so we let them go do that for a little while.

Lynn and George went to go pick up their car a little early. We got our beds situated. We were all staying in a camper that slept twelve. Well, there was a slideout in the back bedroom which had two bunks, a dinette that folded into a bunk, and then a couch that folded out into a bed with an air mattress. It was a very tight squeeze. My plan when I saw the layout was that Mike and I would sleep in the bed, Mikhail would be above us in the bunk and Nick would sleep in the dinette. We would then have room for our luggage on the top bunk above Nick.

Once the bed was pulled out and the air mattress was inflated we learned quickly, that just wasn’t going to work. With the built-in pillow on the air mattress and then the pillows on top of that, if we would have laid down on the bed our noses would have touched the bunk (where Mikhail would sleep) above us. So, instead, we had the boys sleep in the other bunks. This meant we had no room for our luggage. Nick’s luggage ended up sliding underneath our bed, Mikhail’s under Nick, Mike emptied his luggage and put all his stuff in the little cabinet in our room, and my luggage had to be maneuvered underneath our bed. Which meant anytime I wanted my luggage or something out of it, I had to lift the entire bed, air mattress and all, move the leg of the bed up, slide my luggage in and out, and then put the bed back in to place. It was really inconvenient but we were going to have to make it work for the next nine days.

Everyone was exhausted. We ended up getting our golf carts and instead of two golf carts, the guy gave us three to use so he didn’t have to make an extra trip. We barely used the third one but it was nice to have an extra if Matt and Mackenzie went off on their own.

The day wasn’t done yet. It was roughly 7 p.m. and we still had dinner reservations at Whispering Canyon at the Wilderness Lodge. We made our way to the beach and waited, waited, and waited for a boat. 8 p.m. and our boat finally came. Our dinner reservations were at 8. Lynn was freaking out that we would miss it. We rushed as quickly as we could. We checked in once we got there and everyone had to use the bathroom. We got a table and no one was really hungry. Everyone was exhausted. Lynn wanted to do the ten-gallon hat of ice cream but no one wanted to do it. We all ended up getting some kind of dessert and heading back to the camper.

It was a LONG, busy first day at Disney but we survived. I ended up taking what I thought was all of my pills and slept like hell that night. I later found out that my sleeping pill was stuck in the pillbox and I never took it that night. Even though I had been up almost a full 22 hours, I barely slept.

Tomorrow is our lazy day, but just how lazy can it really be? We’ve got things to do and people to see!


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