I don’t have a fancy title for this blog post. It’s simple really, I’m bored out of my mind and have nothing better to do but write on here. So, here I am. There’s some things I haven’t talked about lately or forgot about so I thought I’d address them.

Job Interview with Aflac

I had a job interview with Aflac on the 24th. I forgot to write about it completely. Long story short, they offered the position as exactly titled as “Sales, Marketing, and Account Management”. I was really hoping it was more or less the account management aspect of things, and not so many sales. I went to the interview per Mike’s request. It ended up being a straight sales position. Insurance sales, ugh! The guy doing the ‘selling’ during the interview was their top tier guy because he did a great job selling the company. It sounded all promising. “We’ll train you to make a sale within your first two days on the job. You’ll do a thirteen-week training process. It’s completely commission based. People who work here get their cap, 60k, 90k, 120k, and then stop working and live on the renewals alone.” All things sound promising but when it boils down, it was a sales position and I am no salesperson.

I told Mike and he was 100% understanding about it and said: “Well, at least you tried.” Which really surprised me but I was very grateful for his understanding. I explained to him, I plan on working with the boys ALL summer. I want them ready and able to be together, alone, for a few hours at a time or extended hours at a time without any expressed concerns or worries. I want them responsible and ready to be trusted to be alone, together, for hours on end. That way when they begin hiring at Digger’s, I can apply and feel confident that next summer we will have everything figured out. Do I know that I’ll be able to get back into Digger’s? Absolutely not. I am simply hoping with a gleam in my eye that they’ll take me back even though I had a not-so-great performance the last time I was there. All I need is an interview. An interview to prove myself and that 2nd shift wasn’t for me but I can excel in the first shift.

Guess I have a little while to figure it out. All summer plus fall to figure it out. Approximately six months before I have to worry about working. Six months to get the boys to be completely responsible enough to be home alone for me to have at least a six-hour shift through the summer next year. Technically, I have to be 100% confident in them within a year. I’d be more confident in it to be started and almost there by winter, though.

Almost completely back to normal…

I am almost completely back to normal, pain-wise, to what I was at before my surgery. I still have minor pain in the morning when I wake up and trying to put on my pants in the morning. I went grocery shopping today and was able to carry all my groceries to the house without multiple trips once again. That felt great! Overall, I’m doing really well. We haven’t gotten back to doing everything again, but that will come with time, I’m sure!

Cookout on Saturday, possibly?

So, we may or may not have a cook out on Saturday over at my Mom’s house. But now she’s talking about canceling it because it’s supposed to storm the entire day. I have no idea what’s going on. I just know she bought TONS of food for it and it would be a shame that she doesn’t have it because a lot of that food would go to waste. I could do it the following weekend but I don’t believe my sister could. Also, Mike and Mikhail wouldn’t be there if it was the following weekend. We can’t do it two weekends from now because we’re all going to be up north. So, I really don’t know how this is going to play out.

Impatient much?

I have been scouring the school’s website to look for the updated 2016-2017 calendars, or school supply lists or something! Their sites are so damn hard to find stuff on. I could spend an hour looking for something in particular. I want to plan and fill out my planner for all the days they’re going to have off school and I’m so impatient.

Alright, I suppose that’s all I really had to talk about. I really need to go find something to do. Talk to you later.

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