I guess I haven’t felt the need to write lately. I have been busy though so that counts for something right?

Holiday baking. Mikhail’s sick. No ability to go shopping. TWITTER PARTIES GALORE! I have just been busy.

I have barely done any holiday baking. I desperately need to do more. I have a long list of things I want to make for Christmas and I’ve managed to whip together two dozen of eggnog meltaway cookies. That’s it.

Mike had taken off work on Friday, which was also his birthday. We spent the morning together just hanging out and then spent most of the afternoon shopping. He needed new winter boots and jeans. Later that night we went out to dinner together while Lynn took the boys. Somehow we all wound up at Shoe Carnival and everyone got new shoes.

Anyway, that afternoon I managed to whip together a batch of eggnog meltaway cookies. I only made two dozen of them or so though. I have plans on making pretzel rods, Ritz peanut butter cookies, M&M’s cookies, peanut butter kiss cups, maybe some oatmeal cookies, some oreo truffles, and who knows what else. I had big plans to make all sorts of cookies this year but I screwed up.

We got money for our grocery budget on Saturday, which threw everything off because I normally shop during the week. Well, I went shopping on Saturday, leaving some key items off the list for when I had planned on going to Aldi on Tuesday once the boys were back in school. Not taking in to consideration that I cannot do any of my baking until I had gotten to Aldi to get items like cream cheese, sprinkles, cake mix, and pudding mix. All of these things were needed to make cookies. Well, Monday the boys had off school so I couldn’t go that day. We did, however, get to the library that day though and got ourselves each a new library card – finally!

I guess I should randomly throw in here that Nick got sick Saturday night in to Sunday all night long. It happened in the middle of the night and only lasted a few hours. Then he woke up on Sunday morning, saying he was fine, but around 9 am he took a five hour nap. Guess he really wasn’t feeling all that great still.

Well on Tuesday, at around 2 am, Mikhail woke up. He was incredibly warm to the touch and was complaining of a headache. I gave him some Tylenol and put him back to sleep. He woke up again a few more times throughout the night. That morning we woke up getting ready for school. He woke up and went downstairs, but he ended up laying down on the couch and just zoning in and out. I told Mike I had better keep him home because he did feel so warm. I’m so happy I did. He ended up getting a pretty high fever. Lynn gave us her thermometer and Mikhail’s temperature was registering at 102.6 underneath his arm (so an actual temp of around 103 . something). He ended up getting sick a tiny bit too so I figured ok, he might have what Nick had.

Well, that was on Tuesday. It is now Wednesday afternoon and Mikhail is still passed out on the couch and absolutely miserable. The light hurts his eyes so bad. He has a headache. He still has a very warm fever. I’ve been giving him dosage of Tylenol and Ibuprofen like clock work. Once he’s due for another dose, his fever spikes up again. About an hour after his dose, it’s brought back down to 99-100 degrees.

I feel so sorry for him. He has a washcloth on his head covering his eyes because if he takes it off his eyes hurt really bad from the light coming through the CLOSED blinds. Yesterday we sat in the dark the entire night. He’s just miserable. I hope he can break this fever very soon.

All the while he’s sick, I have been absolutely stir crazy. We’re out of milk. I need more ibuprofen for Mikhail. I received my $50 Walmart gift card yesterday which is easier to use online but can be scanned and used at the store so that’s burning a hole in my pocket. I want to find more gifts for the boys for Christmas. I said they were done and that I was done shopping for them but I just want to get more. I don’t know what my obsession is with ‘everything has got to be enough’ but the more money I have in my account at a time the more I feel like I should be spending it on the boys for Christmas. I did price out and add exactly $56 worth of clothes for myself in the cart on backup in case I decide “no, enough is enough. They got enough this year. They need to be grateful for what they got.” and buy myself something for a change. I just can’t bring myself to do it though. Krystal told me to just do it. Buy myself something for once. Just press check out and buy it. I’ve asked Mike like three times what I should use it for and he’s never answered me. I could also use it at the store to buy things like new gift wrap, tape, ribbons and bows, laundry soap, etc. That’s more than likely what I’ll end up spending it on. I won’t spend it on myself because why on earth would I want to do something like that?

I’ve just been frustrated. Stuck in the house. We need certain foods. I can’t even bake the damn cookies because I don’t have the stupid stuff to make them. We’re out of milk so I can’t even make myself some coffee. I’m just stir crazy and frustrated. I want Mikhail to feel better. Hell I had to pick up Nick from school yesterday because he was ‘so sick’ and had to keep using the bathroom so they made me pick him up. He came home and was absolutely fine. He woke up this morning saying his throat hurt and he couldn’t go to school. We sent him to school anyway with the demand that he goes to school and stays there. I explained I couldn’t leave to go pick him up with Mikhail being home sick.

I just hope Mikhail gets better soon. I’m desperate to get out of the house and get my shopping done. I can’t even go as far as saying, “Oh. When Mike comes home I’ll just run then” because Mike is doing everything in his power to not get sick too. I can’t say I blame him. He’s got enough stress without being sick and missing work. So, while he’s the father and has to take on responsibility, I don’t want to ask of him to keep an eye on Mikhail while I go run to the store becuase I don’t need to take care of him next.

So we’re just going to make do with what we have here. Hopefully Mikhail will be better soon. And hopefully no one else in the house gets it. I would be shocked if I don’t end up with something. I’ve been sleeping with Mikhail, in his bed, every night since Sunday.

I suppose. I need to go finish up the laundry. I’ll talk to you all later.

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