So, yesterday was the big day. My first official day of work. It was nerve-racking, to begin with. I got ready about 1.5 hours earlier than I needed to. I just wanted to be ready and make sure all my clothes worked alright. I sat around in my uniform doing EVERYTHING in my power not to get it dirty or stained. Mike came home and I wish I could tell you that he gave me this amazing “go get ’em, babe” speech but I got nothing. I even asked him for words of encouragement and he said, “I don’t know.” Thanks, babe! Hey, he supports me in a million in one way, encouraging speeches isn’t his thing. That’s cool.

I arrived at work at exactly 1:30 and sat in my car for what seemed like forever. I eventually turned off the car leaving me sweltering in the heat. The big dumb move, because that meant my next step, was to get out of the car and into the store. I headed into the store at 1:45 and remind you, my shift didn’t start until 2. My boss was on a conference call so I stood around waiting and observing. He finally emerged at exactly 2pm and we headed to the break room to discuss some things “in quiet”.

Once there, we sat down and ran over the checklist. Dress code, check. Locker lock and combination, check. This and that, check and check. We attempted to log me into the computer, that didn’t work, so we moved on to the next thing. We did a quick tour of all the back areas of the store then went back to the breakroom. I dropped off my purse into a locker and ALMOST locked the combination into the locker. How embarrassing would that have been!? Thank god I didn’t! I was handed a headset and given a 100 item scavenger hunt paperwork and was told, “You’ll probably be asked some questions from customers since you’re already in uniform. Wear the headset, push this button, and ask for help if anyone comes up to you. Otherwise, good luck finding all 100 items on the list.”

I spent the next two and half hours looking for 100 items on the list. I had to write what aisle they were in, and their Bin # too. I asked the one girl, whose name I didn’t get, how do I do the bin number and she explained it to me. She said if I figured out how to do that, everything else would be easy.

By the end of the day, I was writing bin numbers down without even being in the same aisle as the item, just by memory. So I was super proud of myself for that. I didn’t know until later, this paperwork would be going in my file. The manager, who I found out is the store manager, said to not feel like I’m taking too much time on the scavenger hunt. I am doing EVERYTHING in my power not to think that I took too much time on it. I mean, I took almost three hours on it! And I had a good basic knowledge of where everything in the store was from my many journeys there. Don’t over think it, Nik. Breathe.

After I was done, I pointed out the 10 or so items I had no idea what they were, or where they were. The assistant manager assisted me with it. We found the store manager and he was going to put me on the register for a while but I explained I had 10 minutes left and he said, “Oh! Then put her on the schedule with so and so.” So we went to the front of the store, put me on the schedule for tomorrow (Thursday) from 10-4pm. It was a MUCH longer shift than I was hoping for and I just hope that I’m ready to do that long of a shift. Guess we’ll see, won’t we?

I’m going to have to figure out TOMORROW what I want to do for hours. Do I want to ask for short, four-hour shifts, during the day? Do I want to ask for 4-5 hour shifts at night after Mike arrives at home and I know the boys will be taken care of? Can I trust the boys being home alone for four hours? I guess tomorrow will tell.

I’m nervous about tomorrow but not as sick to my stomach as I was yesterday.

Wish me luck!


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  1. Sheri says:

    Was the scavenger hunt fun to do? I can see how you might have been hard on yourself since you shop there so much, but you don’t buy everything in the store (almost, right?). You’ll get this all figured out, I have faith in you.

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