I want to introduce you all to our newest family member… Lynn surprised us with a kitten on Monday after work. It was found in the yard at Menard’s and they took her to the vet and got her checked out. Everything looked good. She had 3 fleas on her and they removed them and treated her for anything further. She has to go back in two weeks for her shots. Hopefully, by then we’ll have a stool sample. So far we haven’t had much luck with that. She checked out, though. Here’s my scrapbook page I made of her:


We haven’t come up with a name yet. A few have been thrown around. I chose Squeakers or Decibel because she’s so vocal. Mike chose Pantera or Carbon because she is black and/or looks like a panther. The boys have thrown around a LOT of names but nothing has really stuck. She reminds me of a bat because of her face and because she likes to hang upside down but I’ve had a cat named Batty and I don’t believe in having a cat named the same as a previous animal. I think Carbon will win and the boys are going to have to just deal with it. We will see what the next few days bring.

What else has been happening? That has been the excitement the past few days. The boys are getting used to having her here just as much as she’s getting used to being here.

Work is going alright. I’ve been selling my ♥ out. That’s what I’ve been writing in my planner every day I have to work: “Sell your ♥ out.” So far it’s worked for the most part. Every day I come home from work and bring out my planner and write in how many reward sign ups, protection plans, and add-ons I had so I can document not only what I’m doing at work each day but also coincide with my mood. I also like to document my life for some reason. I like to look back at it months later and go, “Oh ok. On ___ day, I did ___.” I’m weird, I know.

I took Mikhail to go play on the playground last weekend. I documented that in a scrapbook page too.


They made a killing at Trick or Treating too. Goodness, it’s been a while since I’ve written on here. Anyway, we went trick or treating with the boy’s friends and their parent. Nick went Saturday, Sunday, and Monday between his grandma and I. They have so much candy. Well over 50lbs of candy if you ask me. I didn’t get a picture of the candy, I don’t believe. Actually, let me check.


That was their candy stash as of Sunday (not including Monday) so I’d say the bag was heaping by the end of Monday. I ended up putting it all in a really big bag so it was easier to dig around inside. They made a killin’ with the candy. Just keeping up on brushing their teeth to ensure this doesn’t end up with cavities is my main priority.

Final note… we went to a hockey game on Saturday. You see, last year during the dance the boys’ school had an auction and we won an auction for a $40 Red Robin gift card and (4) Admirals tickets. We ended up picking up the prize for $50. So we figured we got the tickets for $10 – Great deal! Fast forward to this year, we were dwindling down the time in which we had left to use these tickets for they expired at the end of the year. We decided we would take the boys out to dinner and then go to the game. We went to Oscar’s, which is Mikhail’s new favorite restaurant. It’s a frozen custard place that sells burgers and such. Not everywhere you can go and spend $23 for a family of four (three being boys) to eat! We had hoped that feeding the boys before we went would prevent them from wanting everything at the game. HA! What a joke.

Anyway, we got down there and didn’t realize there was a Buck’s basketball game going on too! Parking was $25! Ridiculous! We drove around looking for somewhere to park OR an ATM to get cash so we could park for over 30 minutes before finding a small parking structure for $10. We chose it and parked. Mike then asked, how far away the game was. It ended up being three crosswalks (so three blocks) away. Not terrible. The boys didn’t complain about the walk which was surprising. We got in and paid for our tickets. While we won tickets, because we chose to go to a Saturday game, the tickets were $10 each. Big deal, $40. We ended up getting awesome seats too. Right on the centerline at the top of the section so we could see all the action. Really, the new arena doesn’t have a necessary bad seat but our seats were pretty awesome. We even looked into season tickets for those specific seats after the game. The boys ended up getting a pretzel, a soda, ice cream each, popcorn, and Nick got a hat. Nick got an attitude about the pretzel because Mikhail got one and he didn’t. Can’t say I blame the kid for being upset but it irritated me that he couldn’t just be grateful. Anyway, here’s the scrapbook page from the night.


I suppose… that’s about all that happened. I need to start writing in here more often, especially since it’s the last website I have left. I need to make it worth my time and money for all the cost of hosting and such. Otherwise, I’m going to get rid of all the sites and open something on Blogger and be done with it. That would save me $120 a year. Talk to you all again soon.

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